A sensorial journey to Provence

12 Jun 2019 / 10:50 H.

L’OCCITANE Malaysia recently brought back its Sensorial Journey for the second time to guide us through an experiential jaunt that delighted all five of our basic senses.

Held at Sunway Pyramid, the one-week long immersive experience was like a trip to the vibrant countryside, savouring the best pastries Provence, France has to offer, while taking in the captivating scenery of endless flower fields.

Right off the bat, the different Beauty and Texture Bars ranging from skincare, body care, hair care to fragrance allowed guests to get up close and personal with L’Occitane’s fan-favourite products such as its power duo - Immortelle Reset and Divine Youth Oil.

Elsewhere, L’Occitane experts aided the guests to a complimentary skin, hair and scalp diagnosis to better understand the unique nature of hair and discover the best hair care product that is most suitable to individual needs.

This was followed by a stroll under the iconic Atmospheric Scented Bubble Shower, where bubbles imbued with the scent of five essential oils used in L’Occitane Haircare slowly fell from the ceiling.

In another corner was the Interactive Infinity Room where guests queued up waiting eagerly for their turn to be transported to the Provence fields of wildflowers, inspired by the latest Herbae Eau de Parfum collection.

L’Occitane understood that eyesight plays an important role throughout the sensorial journey. Guests were treated to a complimentary optical test and learnt how to care for them.

As part of their commitment and ambition to provide eye care, L’Occitane has incorporated Braille Text on most of its packaging.

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