An Aidilfitri ode to Ampang

05 May 2021 / 16:37 H.

SYOMIRIZWA Gupta Raya 2021 collection titled The Ampang Girls is an ode to the historical buildings of Ampang amongst Kuala Lumpur’s evolving cityscape – from the transitioning of geometric print to floral and colour blocking of the clothes are design cues to some of Ampang’s most celebrated landmarks.

From pre-war heritage buildings to British colonial buildings such as the Selangor Turf Club, Tin Mine disco club, Ampang Park, Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia and the embassies to name a few, they have served as architectural identities of the city and now the inspiration of the Syomirizwa Gupta’s festive collection.

Creative director Syomir shared: “I’ve always been fascinated by history, which is clearly evident from my previous collections. This collection is for everyone; it personifies our positivity to push through the tough times and come out the other side as a winner.

“Whether it be personal, business, mental or emotional, there are lots of variables and unknowns, but we must all persevere and push through. So why not do it in style?”

The collection introduces 10 new designs ranging from traditional and modern baju kurung, kebaya, kaftan, baju Kedah and other separates filled with vibrant colours and prints that could easily be paired with other items in your wardrobe.

“Staying at home should never be a reason not to dress impeccably this Raya. With that in mind, the collection is made using cosy fabrics such as crepe blend, cotton and silky rayons; they’re not just comfortable but easy to move around in,” Syomir added.

$!Syomirizwa Gupta Raya 2021 collection The Ampang Girls.
Syomirizwa Gupta Raya 2021 collection The Ampang Girls.

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