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CH Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2019 collection pays tribute to three iconoclastic American artists

15 Mar 2019 / 10:04 H.

CH CAROLINA Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is an ode to the parade of freedom and femininity that walks New York City’s streets and thrives in its urban art scene.

The collection was designed to pay tribute to three iconoclastic American artists whose work generated ideas and beliefs for individuals, institutions and beyond.

The influence of these artists is reflected and reinterpreted in different details such as colour, prints and CH initials.

As the different sections of the collection come together, we get to witness its peak right at the beginning of spring.

1. Ellsworth Kelly

The work of eminent American abstract painter, printmaker and sculptor, Ellsworth Kelly challenges the dynamic compositional relationship between shapes, forms and colours on a blank yet unrestrained canvas.

Hence his work becomes an aesthetic anomaly, much like the art movements of colour-field, hard-edge painting, or some might even consider him to be a minimalist.

CH Carolina Herrera composed contemporary pieces hinting at the influence of Kelly’s abstract undertones in mind; with prints that display a new twist on polka dots in ivory and black, bold yellow accents in different dual-tone geometric prints, and the reinterpretation of Kelly’s painting Cite (1951) with vertical and horizontal composition, featuring hidden geometric pattern of CH initials.

2. Georgia O’Keeffe

Flowers were again at the fore of the collection, as seen in the previous S/S ‘15 collection whereby the brand saw the reference of using Georgia O’Keeffe’s floral paintings that have long prevailed to be her best-known works.

As she reshaped the modern idea of abstraction, O’Keeffe’s concerted effort had her recognised as the “Mother of American modernism”, and even more seen as the symbol of strong independent women in all of her glory - a true icon of modernist femininity.

Inspired by her depictions of flowers in the most daring and vibrant, it features figure-hugging dresses covered in undulating green, marigold yellow, pastel pink and red.

They include a sleeveless maxi dress both in longer gown versions and shorter cocktail silhouette, and an evasé coat with a balloon sleeve of the same floral printed brocade that contrasts starkly between yellow and black.

3. Robert Indiana

Inspired by the famous pop sculpture “LOVE” by Robert Indiana located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York, it explores the quintessential American identity, its history and the power of abstraction and language.

The large aluminium sculpture originally built in 1970 has been reproduced, reinterpreted, and even parodied in various forms across popular culture. It has again seen a different rendition in repetitive red CH initials against complementary navy.

They include a shirt dress in silk crepe de chine with contrasting trims and asymmetric hem, a sleeveless top with trousers and a plain fitted top paired with a silk scarf - all in the same print.

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