Bags for life

Make room for new it-bags and accessories in your closets with the latest release from three local fashion brands

10 Aug 2020 / 10:59 H.

WE are seeing an array of newly launched bags and accessories from local fashion brands; be it to elevate an overall casual chic look or to pair with sleek outfits, these arm candies are the latest fashion buzz to carry around.

CO2 CAS-UAL collection 2020.
CO2 CAS-UAL collection 2020.

1. CO2

Founder and designer Syazwan Mohamad Shahrum launched the menswear label in March 2016 with its debut collection Emission consisting of just three shirts. Fast forward four years later and a year of hiatus in between, the brand has reemerged with its most recent CAS-UAL collection 2020.

“Using CO2 (carbon dioxide) as inspiration, it signifies two different aesthetics, combining two different elements together to form an entity, just like two atoms forming a chemical compound. We want a mixture of bold and minimal elements with plain and print designs.”

In its latest collection, the minimalist overtone is punctured with a touch of vibrancy by way of colour blocking and contrasting stripes, giving classic shirt silhouettes a modern twist against neutral and pastel colours to highlight the ease of tailoring.

In the accessory department, CO2 takes print patterns to new heights with its snake print PU leather bucket hat – a loud statement piece amongst the fundamental simplicity the brand was built on.

But perhaps the standout piece is the ever so versatile boxed PU leather cross-body bag that looks as effortless as it is timeless, transcending both seasons and trends.

2. Nazifi Nasri

No longer a foreign footwear brand in the local streetwear scene, designer Nazifi Nasri and his namesake label has gained much recognition ever since its debut at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 through collaborations with notable designers.

Nazifi started off specialising in men’s sandals, eventually expanding into women’s footwear, and continues to entice us with his latest launch – the NN Bag Series crafted by local craftsmen. Made out of PU leather, each bag is hand-cut, sewn and polished into perfection, taking several days to complete, to ensure the utmost quality and workmanship.

The designs exude an idiosyncratic charm, particularly the star of the collection, the Anyaman Box Bag’s weaving pattern. Nazifi fused the traditional weaving technique with an uncomplicated silhouette to create a sturdy cross-body bag. While the Trave Bag on the other hand, is simple and sleek. Both bags are available in beige and black. Before the release of the NN Bag Series, Nazifi introduced a series of limited-edition cardholders similar to the Anyaman Box Bag.

Nizam Zamil’s NBAG Series.
Nizam Zamil’s NBAG Series.

3. Nizam Zamil

Fashion designer Mohd Nizam Ahmad Zamil, better known as Nizam Zamil, launched his eponymous brand in 2013 with red carpet ready evening wear, dressing celebrities such as Janna Nick, Tasha Shilla and Nelydia Senrose.

In July, he ventured into an uncharted realm with a lineup of all-black bags – the NBAG Series with seven different designs.

“Our hectic and demanding lives leave us with very little time to think about our clothes and accessories. Bags, be it a luggage, wallets or purses are closet essentials. There are different styles for different occasions.

“But we wanted to stay true to our identity, and create something that can be incorporated into consumers’ overall outfits. Hence, we chose the colour black for our first NBAG collection. It’s versatile and a very safe colour to wear.”

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