Cherry on top

11 Mar 2019 / 12:09 H.

Anything topped with cherries is surely pretty and pleasing; like a black forest gateau is not complete without its cherries, and such is the latest limited-edition wax at STRIP: Ministry of Waxing - the Cherry Wax.

STRIP specialises in hair removal day in and day out. If you’re a waxing virgin, you could not have picked a better time or place to give it a try. They are not going to beat around the bush. It is their one and only mission to help you conquer the body foliage in achieving baby smooth skin.

No service is too difficult for the friendly wax experts, and no pruning is too complicated. Wherever there’s a stray hair, from brow to toe, STRIP is truly at your disposal.

The thick gooey paste of the Cherry Wax with its alluring deep cherry hue and a whiff of sweet cherry scent is the smoothest and most skin-friendly hard wax yet, exclusively formulated for this period.

Packed with a calming blend of aloe vera and chamomile for its anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties, the wax delivers a well-moisturised and soothing effect to help reduce skin irritation and redness after waxing.

Additionally, it also allows hair removal to be done with lesser tugging on the skin thus making it suitable for sensitive and intimate parts, while ensuring a more comfortable wax experience for first-timers.

It’s said that the cherry scent reduces emotional stress and anxiety, but here’s a tip, the more you anticipate when will the therapist yank out your hair, the more it hurts. If it helps, request for a squeezable soft toy of STRIP’s mascot, the orangutan to distract yourself, followed by a breathing exercise guided by the therapist.

It would be a lie to say that it did not hurt. Though in the most efficient manner, the therapist removed the hair swiftly against the direction of hair growth to minimise pain and discomfort caused.

Hygiene and safety is a non-negotiable priority at STRIP. Their no “double-dipping” commandment means not using the same used spatula over and over again.

This is ensured when each customer is given a new individually sealed “Hygiene Pack” containing disposable waxing equipment such as latex gloves, cotton pads, wet wipes and spatulas.

For a limited time only from now until March 31, STRIP offers first-timers a resplendent Cherry Wax experience at a lower price at just RM88 for ladies and RM98 for men.

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