Dare to disrupt

09 Aug 2019 / 11:22 H.

GONE are the days of chasing after what won’t last, our youth that is; at least for some of us. However, ‘youth’ is what we make of it. The bygone years of rebellious irreverence weren’t just a “phase”, even if you think it is doesn’t mean they are any less important or mean any less to us for the time being.

German luxury fashion label MCM through its design language demonstrates multitudes of transformative personal expression and cross-border creative freedom for the youth. Endearingly in its Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, it continues to redefine the essence of individuality and identity as being a constant influx in the ever-present 21st-century global nomad - dreamers, creatives, digital natives, millennials and Gen-Z cohorts.

Entitled “Traverse”, the collection’s travel narrative shifts between time and space in a reflection of its consumers’ inherent mindset: eccentric, irreverent, playful, youthful, fluid and untethered to neither a specific tribe nor clique, aesthetic nor set of borders and varying school of thoughts.

This is the ethos of a true traveller that champions adventure, discovery and experiences. The collection celebrates mobility in all its forms, reimagining the core of MCM’s values of limitless freedom, spontaneity and sense of wonder for discovery through modular silhouettes meets hands-free, multifunctional utilitarian designs.

MCM’s new global creative director Dirk Schönberger captures the cultural fluidity that defines modern style with a genderless appeal. He enlisted the pop-icon Billie Eilish to star in the brand’s high-octane Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign.

The Gen-Z insurgent empowered and unconstrained by rules and boundaries navigates through the German powerhouse with rebellious and aspirational irreverence. Much like MCM, Eilish has always had her eyes on the disruptive as she defies immaculate conventions with an eccentricity defined by the cultural zeitgeist.

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