Dress to feel

05 May 2021 / 16:40 H.

Following the success of Larney’s Raya collection last year, the brand takes it up a notch with a lot more hope, optimism and buoyancy this season in its new Raya 2021 collection named Into The Light by Larney.

Fronting the campaign are Malaysian starlights Deborah Henry and Fyza Kadir, both who encapsulate beauty and grace through their confidence while juggling between their career approaching life challenges and are perfect choices to represent the soul of the collection.”

Staying true to the brand’s feminine portrayal of sophistication and minimalism, the 20-piece Raya collection decked in elegant fabrics features new designs with new silhouettes, as well as signature looks such as the caftan, kurung Kedah and tulle mini kurung but this time in new colourways.

$!Larney Raya 2021 collection Into The Light by Larney.
Larney Raya 2021 collection Into The Light by Larney.

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