Enchanted glamour

07 Jan 2019 / 11:28 H.

IT IS never too early to plan your outfits ahead, especially for the biggest and most anticipated Chinese festival of the year - Chinese New Year.

Homegrown fashion mogul Khoon Hooi with his namesake label perfectly captures the essence of the traditional Chinese attire by merging traditional craftsmanship with modern digital printed satin and other luxurious fabrics.

KHOON HOOI Qi Pao 2019 Chinese New Year collection is as vibrant as it is demure; refined harmoniously with regal hues in lime green and royal yellow against strong pastel shades in lilac, blush pink and aqua.

He states: “It’s inspired by the enchanted oriental gardens, whereby you’ll be able to see expressive floral motifs in all guises, intricate laces both corded and knitted, and brocades adorned with symbolic Chinese motifs such as phoenix, crane, bamboo, peony and plum blossom.

It makes sense to have classic oriental elements in each dress, Hooi however, took it to a whole different level by adding handcrafted floral buttons made of precious gems such as jade, agate, pearl and even diamante for the extra
bling. Like a piece of fine jewellery, but in the form of a functional and decorative button.

“Interestingly, I’m using a lot more brocades fabric to go along with the theme, at the same time, designs that have never been done before,” he added.

This season, the traditional symbol of honour and opulence - the peony is translated into delicate petal collars with ruffle trimming in silk organza to complete the look, making each dress a wearable work of art.

Looser cuts and fits have also been added to the collection; a cropped palazzo pant is paired with a belted top of the similar lavish print, while an exaggerated trapeze dress retains the signature qipao craftsmanship.

Remaining unchanged from the previous collection are perhaps the embroidered lace scallop trimming and hemlines that is synonymous with the brand’s ultra-feminine qipao collections.

Among the 20 extravagant dresses include four ready-to-wear pieces that are fuss-free to purchase without having to go through the bespoke tailoring process that you’re usually required to.

The Qi Pao 2019 Chinese New Year collection is exclusively available at the KHOON HOOI showroom at APW Bangsar.

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