Enhance your inner allure

10 Jul 2019 / 11:40 H.

EVERYONE, amid the flow of time, is continually changing from one instant to the next. One day. One month. One year. The rhythm of beauty changes as life changes.

Kanebo Chrono Beauty focuses on changes in skin and mind, providing the optimal care just when you need it.

In Spring/Summer 2019, Kanebo continously presents a specialised product series to help combat the universal concern about yearly rhythm of beauty. In addition to the current skincare range, the series takes into account the effects of environment on skin to enhance your inner allure.

Kanebo Illuminating Serum (a brightening serum) approaches not only dark spots and uneven skin tone, but an overall sphere of your complexion. While fading the look of dark spots, it makes your skin look brighter and more refined for a luminescent glow from within.

Kanebo Global Skin Protector SPF50+ is a multi-functional UV protector that helps defend your skin from the pollutant particles and UV rays which cause photo-ageing and dark spots. Its exquisite comfortable gel cream texture spreads easily on the skin surface, keeping skin soft with hydration all day long.

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