Fast and fabulous hair day

10 Dec 2018 / 11:10 H.

WHEN Panasonic launched its latest nanoe™ and Double Mineral hair dryer late last month, the Japanese company unveiled just how much more it can boost beauty regimes with its patented nanoe™ technology.

Sporting four easy modes that alternate with a quick push of a button – Scalp Care, Skin Care, Intelligent Temperature Control, and Hot/Cold Alternating mode – this new striking pink hair dryer came with promising claims and powerful 1800W airflow.

My hair is long, almost reaching the low of my back, on top of it being relatively thick, and every time I pay a visit to the salon the stylist never fails to remind me of the fact whenever the hair dryers are pulled out.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve always had long locks, but my usual 15 to 20-minute blow-dry at home hardly feels like a time-consuming chore, with exceptions to early mornings or impromptu nights out.

Which is why I was blown away when I clocked my total hair care regime at under 12 minutes with the nanoe™ and Double Mineral hair dryer when I tested it out on a Monday morning.

It only took an impressive seven to eight minutes for my hair to dry (I always go for the highest setting) thanks to built-in quick-dry nozzle – minus the need for the extra attachable nozzle.

Since the Panasonic hair dryer featured a Hot/Cold Alternating mode, I switched from the hot air blowing on high to the rather comforting mix of the two temperatures halfway through.

The rest was spent exploring the other new modes. I moved on to gentler warm air in Scalp Care, which is supposed to add moisture and relieve dryness.

The Skin Care mode, reserved for the last step and aimed at your face, works in a similar fashion, where the nanoe™ innovation holds claims of increasing and retaining moisture in the skin.

While results of elevated moisture levels might show up with more and continuous use (there is no obvious indication with one use), the nice warm blast of air on my scalp and face certainly acted as a lovely finishing touch to the whole process.

Hair and scalp on the drier side is the peril of bleach damage, but just knowing that the nanoe™ and minerals are doing its magic was a somewhat easing thought.

By the end of it, the lengths of my hair did look smoother with noticeably less frizz and gave my naturally stick-straight mane the appearance of beautiful volume –which had help from the alternating temperatures.

The fact that it’s foldable and lightweight for easy travel is also a plus point. Combined with all the other hair, skin, and scalp goodness from the nanoe™ and double mineral technology, the super-quick drying time of Panasonic’s latest hair dryer alone is enough to warrant a fabulous hair day.

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