Floral revelry

Here are five homegrown fashion labels to strut in this Hari Raya

08 May 2019 / 10:41 H.


This is a tribute to all the matriarchs out there, for the loving grandmothers and mothers who juggle between being a housewife and a career woman.

Ezzati wants to celebrate love, family and all inspiring multifaceted women starting with a woman’s wardrobe which focuses on fit and flare silhouettes.

Her modern interpretation of the traditional baju kurung is given a new lease of life in kimono sleeves, pleated blouse, peplum skirts, crepe neckline and mandarin collar; further played up in luxurious fabrics such as satin, chiffon, guipure lace, embroidered jacquard and silk twill.

Nonetheless, Ezzati’s histrionic designs in the collection - beautiful floral and abstract prints - reflect her aesthetic anomaly amongst the conventional.

The collection is available at Ezzati Amira showroom in Bangsar.


Yadotsa’s 2019 Raya campaign makes a killer first impression. Just imagine strutting around town in these streamlined dresses in a poised and sumptuous manner.

The design inspiration could be traced back to its 2015 Raya collection, where a monochromatic blue Moroccan print was introduced, that is now reworked into softer floral motifs intertwined alongside muted Zellige print.

Meanwhile, its classic yet modern silhouettes are met with delicate pastel laces along the cuffs, and floral tops are adorned with a turtleneck.

Regardless of the bold prints, throughout the collection, there is an understated serenity largely due to its palettable hues of soft earthy tones.

The collection is available at Yadotsa boutique in Bangsar.


A fascination towards the majestic butterflies fluttering across the meadows during floral blossom season leads to an ode to the winged-creature.

Rico Rinaldi recognises the beauty and softness of butterflies that he has decided to interpret them in his Summeraya 2019 collection with a poetic take on quintessential traditional attires.

The 45-piece collection takes form in guises of colours and intricate details, and amidst the expressive floral prints juxtaposed with the utterly feminine charm of floral and butterfly embellishments.

Sleek and structured silhouettes frame the body; on it are ribbon knots on the shoulders, ruffles around the waist and pleats that drape across the body.

The collection is available at Rico Rinaldi boutique at Plaza Damas and Bangi Sentral.


Surrounded by 1980s vintage French château interiors: velvet chaise lounges, floral wall appliqués and a wooden writing desk, Petra 2019 Raya campaign is filled with understated French glamour and sophistication but encapsulated in the traditional baju kurung dresses.

Its silhouettes such as kurung kedah, kurung pahang and kebaya balances strong, exaggerated cuts in contemporary visage, and piece together with the complementary headscarves tied up in bow shape or completely let down.

Additionally, the use of decadent laces on twills and cotton, floral prints that mirror the wallpapers, and geometric prints are reminiscent of the Mughal prints of Rajasthan that blend seamlessly together to create a statement ensemble.

The collection is available at Petra showroom in Shah Alam.


Kree finds beauty in no man’s land where mother nature reigns supreme in the temperate steppe and shortgrass dominates the semi-arid plains.

Nonetheless, there is a sense of joy amidst the forsaken land, as roaring bonfire blazed brightly when the night falls, setting the mood for insouciant dance while flaunting effortless bohemian glamour through bold, neutral and pastel coloured dresses.

Whereas free-form kaftan heavily inspired by tribal prints channels a folksy look, baju kurung reinvented into a kimono silhouette is adorned with intricate floral blooms on lace fabric, and a thoroughly contemporary pleated dress without any print of dated motifs makes for timeless appeal.

The collection aptly named “The Wanderer” is available at Kree boutique in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

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