You are what you eat

10 Apr 2019 / 11:06 H.

This year has been quite an egg-citing year. In January, a photo of an egg posted by the Instagram account @world_record_egg triumphantly emerged victorious in a viral effort to earn the title of the world’s most liked image on Instagram (53.4 million), beating former record holder Kylie Jenner (18.7 million).

Then in March, 17-year-old Australian teenager known as “Egg Boy” - Will Connolly smashed an egg over Australian far-right senator Fraser Anning’s head in a protest against bigotry has become a viral sensation and hailed as a hero. Connolly has even been honoured into a mural at his hometown in Melbourne.

Elsewhere in the beauty industry with Easter just around the corner, we’re beginning to witness some of the most creative Easter egg creations starting with cosmetic brand Makeup Revolution’s six irresistibly cute egg-shaped makeup palettes.

With all the egg-craze recently, homegrown skincare brand By Eggs coincidently surfaced on my social media feed; reeling me in towards its whimsical and quirky packaging, but later to my knowledge, the brand has got nothing to do with eggs.

Co-founded by Michelle Tan and Quinnie Chong in 2017, Tan reveals: “We thought that nothing is cuter than eggs and as a staple food, we can find eggs in grocery stores and supermarkets.

“The name itself sounds witty and catchy, it also reflects the idea of going back to the basics despite not using eggs in our skincare products.”

By Eggs ethos is to make skincare fun by serving up a variety of delectable products which Tan and Chong have dubbed quite literally and figuratively as - ‘food for the skin’. Naturally, its food-inspired products are infused with mouth-watering ingredients including tropical fruits and botanical plants like banana, peppermint and many others.

The duo began their R&D using high-quality food ingredients to nourish the skin, similar to the idea of how we feed our bodies with nutritious food.

They even went one step further in a conscious effort to strengthen its food derived skincare products with adorable yet brilliant packaging that make sense; almost into forms of collectables that would appeal to major beauty enthusiasts.

Featuring milk cleanser shaped in a milk carton, face toner bottled up like a juice, moisturiser packaged like a jar of fruit jam and clay mask depicted in the form of the classic ice-cream cup we are familiar of.

Chong shares: “Given the hot and humid climate we’re living in, as Malaysians, we know what products work best for us. Hence, we’ve decided to tackle more specific and localised skin types: combination to acne prone, and dry to normal, which could be slightly different from the Western counterparts or East Asian counterparts like South Korea.”

Food for the skin

1. Gelato Clay Masks

You are what you eat

By Eggs’ debut products in 2017, the Gelato Clay Masks like the name suggests, are formulated with gelato-inspired flavours such as Watermelon Sorbet for soothing, Peppermint Crush for brightening, Tiramisu Deep for cleansing, Breakfast Cereal for moisturising and Summer Lavender for relaxing.

The clay masks use natural kaolin clay as its base ingredient as it is the most gentle, yet absorbent and mildly exfoliating type of natural clay. Additionally, bentonite also known as volcanic clay is added to further help with detoxifying and stripping impurities out of the pores.

2. Banana Skincare Set

You are what you eat

It’s a well-known fact that bananas are a great addition to our diet, but who knew it could be incorporated into a full-fledged skincare routine.

Superfruits such as banana is high in Vitamin E, which makes it perfect for hydration and nourishment to treat dry to normal skin.

Formulated with banana extract and calendula petals - these two ingredients made up the best antioxidant combination one can possibly ask for. Together, they supply moisture and reduce fine lines in your skin, leading to softer and smoother skin.

3. Watermelon Skincare Set

You are what you eat

Each bite of watermelon contains up to 92% of water content, but its topical benefits go way beyond instant hydration during summertime to quench thirst.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise with By Eggs’ Watermelon Skincare Set that is suitable for combination to acne-prone skin. Formulated with calamine powder and Vitamin E to soothe irritation and blemishes, it also replenishes skin hydration. It is the perfect skincare to use in this perpetually sweltering summertime heat.

4. Soy Pudding Mask

You are what you eat

By Eggs’ most recent product - the hydrating sleeping mask is bouncy to the touch and melts instantly onto the face to form a moisture layer to revitalise and hydrate lacklustre skin overnight.

It is enriched with super hydrating and firming ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, soy extract and squalane that work wonders on the skin.

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