Four new dazzling shades

23 Dec 2020 / 10:52 H.

IN 2018, Sisley set the tone with the release of Le Phyto Rouge lipstick, a collection of 20 pure and luminous shades suited to all skin tones, perfect for taking new risks and breaking free from the rules.

Within its couture case, 24 skincare and colours unite. It protects, moisturises and smooths the lips to leave them looking sublime.

This autumn, Sisley introduces four new dazzling shades for a stylish season: Beige Manhattan, Rose Shanghai, Ros Bolchoi and Rose Mexico.

Saturated with high-tech pigments, Le Phyto Rouge provides deep and bright colour with every application.

Vermilion, crimson or fiery reds – Sunny or punchy oranges – Fresh, powdery or dazzling pinks – Nude-toned couture beiges ... Each shade dresses the lips in buildable and exceptionally long-lasting colour and coverage.

Nourish your body

Sisley’s new Velvet Nourishing Body Cream with Saffron Flowers is a deeply soothing and repairing body cream that reaps the benefits of Saffron flowers behind the Velvet skincare line to help restore the beauty, suppleness and comfort of dry to very skin.

$!Le Phyto Rouge.
Le Phyto Rouge.

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