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02 Mar 2021 / 11:51 H.

Following Sulwhasoo’s globally sought-after Perfecting Cushion EX which needs little introduction, the Korean luxury beauty brand has just expanded its Perfecting Makeup line with the all-new Perfecting Foundation and Perfecting Powder makeup base.

A virtual launch was held via ZOOM and joined by Amorepacific global makeup artist from Korea, Jane Kieun Park who demonstrated the efficacies of the two new additions as guest attendees tuned in to watch.

The Perfecting Makeup line inspired by hanji (paper mulberry) takes pride in its breathability. It combines air-permeable formula that doesn’t clog the pores and skincare ingredients for more comfortable wear throughout the day while keeping the skin nourished and hydrated.

The signature of the line – the Perfecting Foundation offers full coverage that lasts up to 12 hours long without oxidising. And despite its fluid texture, it gives off a semi-matte finishing and covers up skin imperfections and uneven skin tone.

The Perfecting Powder on the other hand is a powder compact formulated with squalene – a plant base moisturiser that helps to retain skin moisture while smoothing out the skin’s fine lines without the cakey effect.

Park also shared several tips for better application of the products for the benefit of guest attendees. – COURTESY OF SULWHASOO MALAYSIA
Park also shared several tips for better application of the products for the benefit of guest attendees. – COURTESY OF SULWHASOO MALAYSIA

What was the inspiration behind the full coverage Perfecting Foundation?

Currently, there are two foundation trends in Korea – the first is all about achieving that subtle, luxurious and glossy look with light and natural coverage, and the second is the perfect and sophisticated semi-matte look.

The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Foundation falls under the latter trend. Its formula prevents dryness of the skin which is often the case with full coverage foundations. It has fine nano moisturising particles to keep the skin moist and comfortable without feeling tight.

What would be the best method of application?

I would recommend using a foundation brush to apply. However, you may also use a beauty sponge or even your fingers to apply, as each method of applications can result in a different finishing.

Applying with a beauty sponge is effective for concealing acne patches and dark eye circles. Using your fingers would help adhere the foundation onto your skin better due to the warmth generated from your fingers.

How will the Perfecting Foundation fare in Malaysia’s hot and humid climate?
It is suitable for hot and humid climates and will last up to 12 hours. It also has a semi-matte finish, which is perfect to use and typically performs better even in tropical climates like Malaysia.

What can we do to ensure that the Perfecting Foundation stays put and doesn’t rub off on a face mask?

To ensure the foundation stays in place even better, after applying the foundation with a brush, clean the brush with a tissue and then pat in the foundation one more time so that it adheres onto the skin even better. Next, apply the Perfecting Powder to seal and coat your skin for an added layer of protection.

On what occasion would you choose the Perfecting Foundation over the Perfecting Cushion?

The Perfecting Foundation is great for long hour wear. It also adheres onto the skin really well and won’t easily transfer, which is perfect if you’re working indoors in the office or even if you’re outdoors.

The Perfecting Cushion’s compact size is convenient and great as an on-the-go makeup for touch-ups as well. Its lightweight formula offers full coverage and a flawless, natural and radiant finishing too.

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