Go far and wide

Naelofar Go Far collection.

19 Feb 2020 / 10:55 H.

NEELOFA enters a new chapter with the right frame of mind, aiming further and higher in life as she reintroduces her five-year-old hijab brand Naelofar with an exciting new brand identity.

The homegrown modest wear brand continues its bold and creative spirit, but this time framing unfettered narratives to help women feel empowered by their decision to choose modest wear – all with its mission to go far.

Once Miss Teen Malaysia 2009/2010, the prominent celebrity and entrepreneur is socially aware of women struggling to choose what they wear, and how much that has held them back from great opportunities and missed chances.

Driven by the passion to break the glass ceiling for other women, Neelofa hopes to inspire women with her designs, while making sure their values are preserved.

She shared: “With this new direction, I hope Naelofar is able to inspire change in society’s perception towards women’s choices in this modern-day era.

“I also want them to know that they don’t need to be afraid to go as far as they can, and not to let distance hold them back because the only barriers to success are the ones they make themselves. I created Naelofar so that every woman can go far. The rest is up to them.”

The brand also unveiled a new logo and a refreshed website for a more conspicuous identity. The symbolic logotype in the letter ‘n’ showcases Naelofar’s new brand colour Naelofar Orange, which reflects the determination of the brand.

Additionally, Naelofar launched its all-new Go Far collection, showcasing the brand’s new design language with a more modern, fresher and edgier look. The collection of headscarves feature clean lines and graphic prints, while completely stripping off excessive decorative frills that are deemed unnecessary.

The Go Far collection is available online at

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