Ignite your senses

04 Jan 2019 / 14:21 H.

Have you ever been transported back in time simply by catching a whiff of a person’s perfume? It has been widely known that our emotional responses and memories are triggered by our sense of smell.

So instead of looking at photos to take a trip down memory lane, why not let fragrances stir up some long forgotten memories?

Now available exclusively in selected Watsons stores, Demeter Fragrance Library encapsulates the emotive scent and the essence of happy memories in a bottle. The single scent brand is handcrafted in the USA since 1996 by talented perfumer Christopher Brosius who takes a radical approach to capturing nostalgic and familiar scents in wearable form.

From the smell of baby powder on a newborn to the notable scent of Play-Doh that instantly reels us back to childhood, Demeter offers over 300 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences.

Demeter Asia Pacific CEO James Lee shared: “The foundation of Demeter Fragrance Library begins from memory. Our brain captures every little happiness in our daily lives when we experience new things and discover new feelings every day.

“With Watsons, we hope Demeter can expand its influence of fragrance and bring back happy memories when customers use our perfumes.”

Demeter Fragrance Library’s single note scents are combinations of the fewest ingredients that comprise a recognisable smell.

For the first time, anyone can fully express themselves in a scent. Using Demeter as your fragrance palette, you can design and blend your own custom scent by combining Demeter’s fragrances directly on the skin.

Demeter Fragrance Library offers six classic scents such as White Musk, Icelandic Aurora, Baby Powder and other unique scents.

Additionally, the brand has also produced four limited-edition fragrances known as The City Version exclusively for Malaysia. Each scent is made and named after Penang, Melaka, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

The scents come in 30ml bottles.

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