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Homegrown jewellery brand Wanderlust + Co celebrates its 10th year with the Chasing Clouds collection

04 Nov 2020 / 13:53 H.

TWO things that Wanderlust + Co founder Jenn Low is obsessed with are jewellery (of course) and traffic data.

Wanderlust + Co started off as an idea in Low’s bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, but when she decided to move back to Malaysia, she brought the contemporary jewellery brand with her, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“You know the saying: ‘The days are long but the years are short’, and it’s true, I personally can’t believe it has been 10 years already,” said Low.

“It’s not just about celebrating Wanderlust + Co or myself, but people in general, and the talent out there.”

She added: “I love the positive relationship women have with jewellery. When I first came up with the brand, the body positivity movement wasn’t as strong as it is today. I realised with clothes, there are way too many hang-ups with how it’d look on the body, but the same concern doesn’t happen with jewellery.

“A piece of jewellery will always be so much more thoughtful and befitting as a gift than a dress.”

However, 10 years is a long time, and the idea of beauty at Wanderlust + Co has changed since its inception.

Low explained: “One thing that has really evolved for us is the perception of beauty. When we first started, we tended to work with most manufacturers and production partners as long as the cost was right, but in the last four years, we’ve become really stringent with who we work with.

“We want to be sure that our production partners are in-line with our values as well, such as workers being paid fairly and working in ideal conditions. Byproduct of materials or wastes should be recycled; in fact, all of our pieces are made from recycled brass and plated with 14-karat or 18-karat gold.

“Being in the fashion industry for 16 years, I’ve become increasingly mindful of how the idea of beauty has come about, because something can look amazing on the outside but not in how it is made.”

To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, Low launched the Chasing Clouds collection, featuring hand-drawn motifs and silhouettes of celestial bodies, intricately crafted in clear crystals and etched with affirmations and mantras, as small reminders of joy.

Some of the pieces are ornate, while others are polished with understated elegance. Low’s designs are brimming with cosmic symbolism, in line with the sentiments of our unprecedented present.

The campaign images display a degree of passion documenting the brand’s decade-long journey, while honouring its #WCOgirlgang community.

As a result, the photographs ooze imagination and escapism in the vastness of the universe.

Low explains: “The campaign plays upon the idea of sunrise and sunset to represent that every day [marks a new beginning].”

People often turn to astrology in times of conflict. Low shares that for the longest time, the fashion industry has been obsessing over outward appearances. Astrology allows us to look inward, helping us make peace and understand how things are meant to be.

“I’m intrigued by how the universe often works in mysterious ways, but I don’t blindly accept astrology, nor view it as a belief. I’m interested in the beauty of self-discovery and the pursuit of growth.

“I’d consider myself grounded in reality but I do enjoy that sense of dreaming about something that could be possible, and that we can imagine beyond what we can physically see.”

Wanderlust + Co has seen tremendous commercial success, with designs seen on Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and more.

Low’s creative process is rooted in intuition. “All ideas are often very instinctive, for a lack of a better word; ideas come at the most random times. At Wanderlust + Co, we have two [stages to help run the brand] – the idea, and the execution.”

“In ideas, we approach branding by being creative, playful and risk-driven; but when we’re executing – which covers operations, merchandising, procurement, and production – we’re very particular and strategic.

“I’ve always said this to my team that ‘we live in four seasons at a time.’ While we’re conceptualising the next collection, we’re also executing the current one.

“Apart from the dreaminess and playfulness that powers the brand, we’re in fact very data-driven. Every day, we obsessively look at our traffic, numbers and bounce rate; the amount of spreadsheets that cover these are mind-boggling.”

What makes the Chasing Clouds collection so mesmerising is its resonance with our time; it signifies that we have persevered.

“Having gone through what we’re still facing this year, I just want Wanderlust + Co to bring joy to people’s lives.”

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