Just got lashed

17 Sep 2019 / 11:07 H.

OPEN your eyes to a whole new world in beauty when you finally decide to get eyelash extensions done, a service you’ve probably at least heard about if you didn’t already have friends raving about the beauty trend for the past few years.

Besides waking up looking like you have a real-life Snapchat filter over your eyes, eyelash extensions allow you skip the mascara (and the dreaded process of removing it all at the end of the day).

Located in Mont Kiara on the second floor of 163 Retail Park, Lashing, The Lash Atelier, assists beauty aficionados looking to enhance the appearance of their natural windows to the soul.

There are four types of lashes on offer – Korean, Japanese, Camelia, and SugarLash from the US – which certified lash artists meticulously lash onto your natural set of lashes, one synthetic mink lash at a time to really define your eyes.

Each type of lashes come in differing thickness, ranging from 0.05mm up to 0.2mm.

You can opt for a Natural look if the base of your eyelashes are naturally fuller or Volume (3D-6D) for a more dramatic appearance, especially if you have sparse lashes. The former uses one extension adhered to one lash, while the latter several, like a fan to one lash.

The whole process typically takes two hours to complete, and regardless of which type you go for, do not expect a template look because not everybody will come out sporting the same set of lashes. It really hangs on how your own lashes look.

Once lashed, your extensions should last up to three weeks before your next touch up appointment, and then three weeks again until it has to be removed to make way for a whole new set.

If you usually get your lashes lifted like me, it is recommended that you wait about two months before committing to getting eyelash extensions done.

I was advised to try Lashing’s Sugarlash variety, with a Natural look and thickness of 0.18mm. The process itself was not unbearable (though my eyes were tearing the entire time), just the weird sensation of having your lashes pushed up, not unlike how you would feel during a regular lash lift.

Before heading into the private treatment bay, I was also told that it is best to give extensions a break for at least two weeks every three to four months for your lashes not to excessively drop, the main concern I had even though poised with the knowledge that our natural lash cycle is typically 28 days.

Once the treatment was over, I was left happy with longer, curled lashes that made my eyes look more defined, true to its claim.

Avoid getting your lashes wet or going to the gym or sauna for the first 24 hours, only use water-based make-up remover, avoid rubbing your eyes, do not use mascara or an eyelash curler and you’ll be set with beautiful lashes until your next appointment.

Another advice is to brush your lashes – once when you wake up and then again in the evening before you sleep – with a little pink spoolie that will be given to you.

Brushing your lashes every day might seem like an odd ritual to do twice a day, however, it helps your lashes stay untangled. It’s also a calming daily exercise I have now come to enjoy.

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