Less is a bore

25 Mar 2019 / 11:07 H.

FASHION like many other forms of creative expressions is a reflection and communication to portray individuality as an extension to our underlining character and personality.

“More is more, and less is a bore,” says the 97-year-old legendary style icon Iris Apfel, and Miza Humaira couldn’t have agreed more with that statement, and in fact, she would probably say: “Black is easy, but lazy,” in regards to your poor fashion choices.

So it seems that colour, or rather, vibrant colour is imperative to Miza’s code of style, be it for herself or her styling work is definitely one of the most emblematic values but not in such an obvious and expected way. It is all a matter of balance and control; a fine line between what is desirable and what is wearable.

The role of a stylist is crucial: they bring in a breath of fresh air in providing fashion advice and have a more rational eye when putting together an eclectic mix of ideas to make their own aesthetic. Very much like a mood board pinned to a wall and having the creative freedom to play within these parameters of what to be used, what feels right or when enough is enough.

Miza explains: “Fashion styling is about sourcing clothing to create an image. It is basically playing dress up. “I have always wanted to be a fashion stylist since the very beginning. I remember watching Sex and the City for the very first time when I was young which later became the stepping stone to me as a stylist.

“I started reading fashion magazines at the age of 10 like it had a fashion guru inside that would provide me with all the answers in the world at that time. Right now, fashion to me is a lifestyle.”

She also shares: “For me, more is more”, then humorously adds, “I don’t know what less is and I’ll never settle for less. Though I do think my portfolio can be quite intimidating to some, but it is me in every aspect.

“It’s a cliche that everyone wants to look a certain way, then in the end, they become bland and I never wanted to be just like the rest of them. I believe when you’re fitting in, it means that you’re comfortable and I don’t like to be comfortable.

“Being comfortable also means you’ve become lazy, you’ve become mediocre and settle easily in whatever you’re doing.”

Gracing her appearance for the first time ever, as she likes to keep a low profile with not a single photo ever to be found of her on the world wide web. Youthful, optimistic and so filled with passion and interest yet she seems genuinely untouched by the thirst for fame, which drives particularly young people to pursue work with the potential for rewards and stature with influence.

Miza finds fulfilment and satisfaction working largely behind the scenes to one degree or another, which most people don’t come to notice but she does incredibly important work.

No matter how understated she might prefer to remain, particularly in a pool of shark-infested media waters where editors, stylists and designers have been categorised as micro-influencers or celebrities, Miza however couldn’t care less about the attention many eagerly crave for.

Though there’s something unfathomable yet intriguing about her certainty towards recognition as a counter-culture to the ethos today, she says: “There is so much to learn as a fashion stylist and I am still learning every step of the way; not just on how to become a better stylist but also how to cope with the industry in a long run and not get offended by criticism.”

There might not be an exact guide on how to be a fashion stylist, but it is not entirely remote and beyond one’s reach, as it is no longer difficult to become and exclusive as it once

“The very best option and perhaps the only way to be a fashion stylist is through internships or become a stylist’s assistant. By doing this, you gain skills and experience as well as a must-have dynamic portfolio while at the same time establish connections with other creative individuals,” Miza advises.

Young aspiring stylists might yearn for a sense of belonging to a community of fashion enthusiasts to kickstart their journey; a collective that is able to facilitate, discuss and exchange shared ideas from creative executions to even entrepreneurship know-how.

But, fashion at times feels isolated and hard to infiltrate, even someone within can have trouble finding his or her place. It is a solitary endeavour that some are able to thrive on and others struggle with.

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