No-fuss skincare

21 Oct 2019 / 10:43 H.

BYME founder Bonnie Low is about to shatter some misconceptions about regular skincare routines.

“Many [believe in] the idea of having an extensive skincare routine with unnecessary steps and pointless skincare products,” she said.

“A skincare routine has no reason to be complicated. It should be simple and takes little time to put on.”

It is for this reason that her company, Byme, subscribes to the ‘less is more’ concept and advocates a simple yet effective routine for glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

“I think the fundamentals of building self-confidence is through skincare; it’s how I see beauty. To be beautiful is to be confident in presenting the best version of yourself,” she added.

It all began a few years ago when Low was struggling with serious and prolonged bouts of acne. She consulted doctors who prescribed her topical medication.

While it did keep pesky pimples at bay, she continued to experience dry skin, but none of the skincare products she tried were able to restore moisture and hydration.

This spurred her to create a skincare brand that would suit her needs.

Low travelled to Taiwan and discovered amazing things about the Taiwanese beauty industry, which generally uses fresh and natural ingredients, and places importance on hydration.

She spent three years researching the essential ingredients needed to craft a minimalist skincare range, leaving out chemically-laced synthetics that could affect the skin in the long run.

In other words, her approach was about using fewer individual products, while still valuing hydration.

“As a skincare enthusiast myself, I always believe that natural beauty comes from safe and natural ingredients. You would be surprised at the amount of toxic and artificial chemicals present in many skincare products in the market.”

Byme uses plant-based ingredients like flower, seed and herb extracts that have been clinically-tested and proven to have healing and restorative capabilities, namely golden seaweed extract to shield the skin against UV rays, citrus peel extract to increase skin luminosity, and aloe vera for its moisturising component.

Above all else, Byme takes pride in the three proprietary hallmark ingredients found in all of its skincare products.

One of them is Moist 24 derived from the roots of alang-alang, a species of tall grass that we may be familiar with but have been unaware of its benefits to our skin.

Moist 24 is commonly used to moisturise the epidermis, thanks to its water-retaining properties.

Byme also uses Purisoft, an anti-pollution peptide derived from moringa flower seeds. Each part of the moringa tree – leaves, flowers, fruit and roots – are edible and have been used for beauty purposes for generations.

Byme chose its seed extract to protect skin from radical impurities.

And lastly, the brand opted for Gulf Stream seawater, which contains 30 times more concentrated precious minerals to reduce irritation and revitalise the skin.

In an effort to pare down, save time (and money), Low eschews a complex skincare routine in favour of a more streamlined routine that still promises a beautiful complexion.

She explains: “We can all relate to the stress of juggling between work, family and life. I’ve discovered that many women share the same thought: we simply do not have the luxury of sitting and applying dozens of products every day and night. It is virtually impossible to commit to such routines.”

Staying true to the brand’s no-fuss approach to natural beauty, Low explained that Byme skincare products only take “four-plus-one steps” for a complete skincare routine.

She did this by merging two steps through her toner-serum hybrid, the Radiant Glow Skin Essence.

Its watery yet dense consistency provides the same benefits one would expect from a toner while, at the same time, it is packed with moisturising properties to nourish the skin from deep within to increase hydration and improve cell regeneration.

Aside from the skin essence, Byme’s skincare range consists of Gentle Cleansing Water, Cleansing Mousse, Complexion Cream, and Hydrating Essence Face Mask.

All products are available online through the company’s website.

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