Objet d’art

28 Aug 2019 / 11:03 H.

FOR many years, Henry Jacques discreetly worked in the shadows to satisfy the special request of its discerning and incredibly exclusive clients, creating bespoke fragrances for prominent figures including royalties, since its founding in 1975 by Henry Cremona.

It is only recently, that the brand under the reins of CEO and daughter of the founder, Anne-Lise Cremona decided to open itself to the public to showcase their singular collections. Following the grand opening of its first atelier in Asia, Singapore in 2017, Henry Jacques continues to bring nearly half a century of excellence and creativity in haute parfumerie, serving time-honoured rarity and perfection to Kuala Lumpur.

However, no fragrance can be complete without its own flacon and no flacon has true meaning without the perfume it has been created for. This complex artistry of matching crystal container and fragrances to represent their mystical beauty adds a sublime emotional dimension to the experience of enjoying great perfume.

Even its mainstay collection, Les Classiques is described as “The first step to the art of Henry Jacques”. It features a curated selection of 50 fragrances whose warm tones are subtly enhanced by the minimalist flacons.

Its newest and rarest collection of Masterpieces, on the other hand, took three years of refining to be able to finally reveal Les Toupies series – a perfume duo nestled in breathtaking flacons. It tells a story of life; starting with our earliest dreams, or a tender memory of a childhood fantasy that brings us great joy, like the whimsical spinning top (toupie in French) to narrate these stories.

The creation of Les Toupies is unlike anything perfumery has ever seen; they are presented as complementary pairs, similar in form yet entirely different. In pairs, they express the quintessence of each perfume contained in the sparkle of exquisite flacons.

Every detail is delicate yet strong in form, meticulously designed by Henry Jacques artistic director and architect in his own right Christophe Tollemer. His challenge was to design a series of dramatic flacons in pairs that would be multifaceted yet symmetrical, like the spinning top (toupie in French).

Les Toupies are objet d’art, painstakingly handblown by crystal-glass makers into faceted like gemstones in order to capture and reflect light, and evoke the character of the olfactive finesse within.

The first artistic pair Les Toupies: Mr. H & Mrs. Y epitomise French elegance to present the modern renaissance man and woman with a very specific idea of grace, style and effortless beauty; feminine and masculine; softer and stronger; yin and yang.

Mr. H blends notes of cedar leaf, geranium, sandalwood, tobacco, amber and patchouli; while its significant other Mrs. Y blends notes of ylang-ylang, rose damascenia, jasmine, iris, wild lilies of the valley and tonka bean.

The second pair of Les Toupies: No.16 and No.81 epitomise contemporary art that is unconstrained by traditional rules, as if they were masterpieces by American expressionist and abstract painters Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock’s untitled artworks without names, only to be referred by numbers.

Les Toupies II are truly modern perfumes – inventive, evocative and avant-garde, they are a new kind of artistic expression, rather than a quest into the past. Composed of intricate and beautifully balanced layers, and further elevated by the inclusion of lesser-known ingredients.

No.16 blends notes of gardenia, ylang-ylang, Rose de Mai, Florentine iris, ambrette seed white musk and vetiver; while its other half No.81 blends notes of bergamot, grapefruit, oud, ginger, musk, sandalwood and tonka bean.

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