Self-pampering goes to the head with soothing haircare for stay-home days

BAD hair days will be in the past with these shampoos and their deep cleansing formulas that also promise to revitalise limp hair.



Launched in December 2020 with Malaysian celebrity hairstylists Cody Chua and Juno Ko at the helm, natural hair care brand FA FAA’s “Do Less, Be More” philosophy is reflected in its minimal product ingredients that deliver maximum effect.

Formulated with fewer harsh ingredients, the range is sulphate-, paraben- and silicone-free and contains active ingredients such as alpha-glucan oligosaccharide which is known for its scalp health benefits.

FA FAA GAIN Scalp Care Shampoo is dedicated to all hair types with the mildest cleansing treatment for tender strands and a healthier scalp. Its TREAT Hair Mask, on the other hand, is an in-depth hair therapy that repairs dry, damaged, over-processed hair and replenishes the essential nutrients needed for silkier and durable hair.


2. Mangosteen

Conceptualised in 2013, Mangosteen is a non-profit brand first, and a beauty brand second. Its socially conscious model aims to support and fund organizations that empower women and children in Southeast Asia, through all aspects of their well-being including health, education and job opportunities.

Thus, Mangosteen creates artisanal products that highlight the best of the region with its entire profits go to supporting organizations whose voices need to be amplified so they can continue to change lives and uplift communities.

Its hair and body care products take inspiration from the scents of the tropics such as pomelo, pomegranate and guava to make self-care routines smell luxurious. Its Cucumber + Mint Shampoo and Watermelon Conditioner cleanse and treat the hair, while their sweet and refreshing fragrance awakens the senses.

$!Debut Homme.

3. Debut Homme

With more than 15 years of hair care knowledge and experience, Amirul O’oi Ashraf founded Ipoh-based Debut Barber & Shop in November 2016 as a place to provide the best haircuts and the best services while keeping up with ever changing trends in the hair industry.

Last September, Amirul finally launched Debut Homme after a rigorous process of product development with the help of certified chemists to ensure the efficacy is met.

Formulated with hydrolysed protein, vitamin B5 and vitamin E, the Debut Homme Shampoo functions both as a deep cleansing agent and daily treatment.

It is said to prevent moisture loss of the scalp and further fortify hair elasticity, density and softness.



BAD LAB is short for Brave and Daring Laboratory. The branded founded in 2014 calls its extensive personal care range that is “man-gineered” for the man who’s all walk and little talk. Its mantra draws inspiration from the archetypal idea of masculinity and complex male psyche that speaks to the discerning alpha men who clearly cares a lot about how the world sees them.

Its Too Cold To Bear Cooling Shampoo is formulated with FluidiPure 8G and menthol to cleanse the hair and soothe scalp irritations, while its Fearless Soothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is said to be the ultimate defence against pesky dandruff.