Ode to Chinese folk art

07 Jan 2019 / 11:46 H.

WITH a history of critically exploring cultural heritage and sense of belonging, local fashion designer Melinda Looi continues to bring together creativity and authenticity through brilliant craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail in making traditional attires a spectacle once more.

In her fourth edition of the Melinda Looi Fashion Suite - an intimate soiree over the pampering of culinary surprises and luxe indulgence - saw the unveiling of her Cruise 2019 collection and her first ever capsule shirt collection in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

The festive Cruise 2019 collection inspired by Chinese folk art perfectly captures the traditional ethnic scenes and its distinctive visual elements are infused with bright, bold and oriental colours all in the form of organic shapes, while its prints glorify Melinda Looi’s iconic hairstyle.

Looi also explores the interplay of different tactile fabrics such as lace, jacquard, batik, silk crepe, chiffon, taffeta, georgette and many others to find the balance between approachable and luxury opulence.

The collection features a vast number of styles - a total of 164 to be exact yet each one is a limited edition. As such, the sophisticated traditional attires are defined by newfound contemporary demeanour and then clashed with exaggerated, strong silhouette cuts as well as dramatic folds to showcase modern relevance.

Keeping true to the brand, designs are ever so versatile and can be worn in multiple ways from reversible jackets, to jackets that transform into dresses and of course, her signature interchangeable Mandarin collars.

For the first time ever, Looi has presented a capsule shirt collection; a series of must-haves in various prints that were created by her talented children.

Regardless, the shirt collection hints at Looi’s signature trademark; quirky details in asymmetrical silhouettes oozes idiosyncratical allure is in fact not intimidating but rather, effortless to wear for any occasion.

Looi excitedly explained the origins of her shirt collection: “I just love shirts, they are the number one staple in my wardrobe, so it was only a matter of time for me to launch a capsule shirt collection. Having included some of my children’ drawings has made it even more special for me.”

Both collections are available at Melinda Looi Bangsar showroom and via Instagram at @MelindaLooiRTW.

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