Put a ring on it

04 Sep 2019 / 11:08 H.

ATELIER Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2019 collection ushers in sparkles and brilliance for us to shine with grace and style.

Go big or go home with this season’s boldest statement rings in various updated colourways that dazzle the eyes.

Here are five options from the collection to bling it on, for day or night.

Penelope Cruz MoonSun collection

In life, we reach for the stars, but now these heavenly bodies are within our reach. The star-studded collection this season celebrates the shimmering constellation that evokes the magic of the night sky.

Its celestial gaze shines through the luxurious pieces from faraway galaxies to exudes ethereal charm such as this limited-edition cocktail ring crafted in rose gold and rhodium colourways, featuring two distinctive star motifs with precision-cut crystals.

Wear this ring and you shall be the blinding light in the dark night.

Themis Z Evil Eye collection

Grecian designer Themis Zouganeli captures the eclectic and luxurious spirit of the Mediterranean with new Mykonos-inspired jewellery brilliantly presented in autumnal golden and brown crystal shades.

As the name suggests, the mystical Evil Eye – a traditional symbol in Greek culture is thought to ward off misfortune and malevolence.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Wear this ring to shield yourself from bad omens.

Tigris collection

The beauty and grace of the flowing Tigris River that withstood the test of time until today since the great Mesopotamian period has now been crystalised by Atelier Swarovski.

The irregular and organic silhouette of the ring take on the shape of the river, enhanced with an opulent crystal Pointiage finish in the middle.

The previous majestic sapphire blue and silver shade has now morphed into romantic ruby red and emerald green.

Wear this ring and let the river flows in you.

Fluid collection

Strands of baguette-cut crystals in golden and light amethyst colourways are stacked in clean lines, creating natural curves that enhance the reflections between each crystal and light.

As the body moves and sways, the fluid luminosity from light fragmentation captures the beauty of crystals in its purest form.

Wear this ring and you shall radiate light and positive vibes.

Graceful Bloom collection

Some flowers perish in the coldest days, others blossom into life.

This season unearths the extraordinary shine as the foliage-inspired collection returns in new golden and peach colourways, featuring delicate pave-crystal petals and an added filigree leaf element.

Crafted with finesse, the natural lines and forms of the cocktail ring wrap delicately around the finger, as it evokes the artistry of Japanese tea ceremony flowers.

Wear this ring and you shall bloom with grace wherever life plants you.

The Atelier Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2019 collection is available exclusively at the Swarovski store in Pavilion KL.

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