Revisiting timeless past

09 Jun 2021 / 10:09 H.

PESTLE & Mortar Clothing (PMC) never cease to amaze us with its pop culture-inspired collaborations by tapping into the power of nostalgia to recapture positive vibes, borrowing aesthetics and elements from the bygone past to tell a new story.

This time around, the Malaysian streetwear brand has teamed up with one of the most classic films, the 1984’s Ghostbusters for a collection to celebrate its upcoming movie sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife slated for release this November 2021.

PMC co-founder Hugh Koh shares: “Being born in the 1980’s and 90’s, many have watched the movie, sang the theme song and even role-played some of the lead characters. We wanted to share these fond memories with our customers and proceeded to contact the Ghostbusters brand owner Sony Pictures for potential collaboration in 2019.

“We didn’t want to stray too far away from the iconic imagery of the movie. To do that, we highlighted key moments of the film and also rendered our own popular designs and apparel silhouettes such as the Flying Mechanic Tee and the Ghost Trap Tee to allow seamless integration of both brands.”

The 15-piece collection merges the vintage nuances of Ghostbusters with PMC’s modern streetwear storytelling, featuring a range of graphic t-shirts, bowling shirts, swim shorts, a hoodie and the iconic crew jacket modelled after the Ghostbusters brown overall uniforms.

“Having done collaborations a handful of times, we have tweaked our communication strategy in the early proposal phase to ensure that this collaboration speaks to both brands. We always convey that we are not a brand that just pulls graphic elements and slaps them on our clothing, so to build our case, we revisited data from our past collections to justify certain decisions we make,” Koh adds.

“The core for any partnership is staying true to the brands DNA. We also wanted to ensure each piece is unique and is something that you could not already buy out there.”

$!Revisiting timeless past

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