Ryo’s hair loss solution starts with scalp treatment

05 Aug 2019 / 11:06 H.

RYO, the leading shampoo brand in South Korea and also a multi-award winning shampoo brand has launched its latest products in the Hair Loss Care Series which consists of the Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX and the Hair Loss Care Essence.

When used together with Ryo’s Hair Loss Care shampoo and treatment, they are effective in combating hair loss. Ryo’s Chief Hair Designer, Jeong Seok explains that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and that scalp care is definitely essential in ensuring that hair stays healthy and thereby preventing hair loss.

“Ryo believes that achieving a harmonious balance between the ‘Yul (hair)-Ryo (scalp)’ is important in achieving healthy lustrous hair but any hair issues must first be addressed from the scalp. Therefore, Ryo’s treatment remains focused on the scalp,” said Jeong Seok.

Both the Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX (145ml, RM59.90) and the Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence (75ml, RM74.90) are available at all Watsons stores and Hermo.

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