Size matters

15 May 2019 / 11:06 H.

In the whole pop culture history, eyewear has become an integral part of our lives in framing desired narratives and to give new perspectives - perhaps through the rose-tinted lenses to relive old Hollywood glamour or 1995 cyberpunk anime classic Ghost in the Shell via polarised lenses to view the technologically advanced world.

Evidently, fashion today is dismissing notions of the ordinary and mundanity, while experimental designs that would have been niche decades ago had become practical and wearable on a daily basis.

Here are five wraparound, shield and racer sunglasses this season to help us construct and fulfil a utopian and dystopian narrative; whether it is retro, futuristic or retrofuturistic if you’d like.

Size matters

1. Prada

The new Prada Maquillage collection takes its cue from the extremely large wraparound silhouette, deliberately exaggerated to counterpoise classic conservatism, while creating new creative expressions blending the resurgence of 1970s retro and 1990s cyberpunk aesthetics.

Shield sunglasses frame the face, but bold metal studs delineating the front’s sinuous profile reveal a subversive outlook.

Size matters

2. Coach

The legendary curved temple with a Sculptural C logo connected to this geometrically boxy sunglasses draws its aesthetics from 1930s old-school glamour which is then later reconfigured to suit the needs of Gen Z consumers.

Shimmering crystals and prairie-inspired Tea Rose appliques on the front give added feminine embellishment to the bold oversized frames; it is ladylike with an ethereal vintage flair.

Size matters

3. Oakley

Lenses don’t hide in the shadows, shield sunglasses this season also take on streamlined, aerodynamic silhouettes inspired by sports, with polarised lenses that reduce the glares of distorted vision to envision the possibility of a bright future.

Meanwhile, Oakley’s Sutro confirms the desire for form and the appreciation for functional performance eyewear. It also means that the perennial trend of athleisure-wear is here to stay.

Size matters

4. Dolce & Gabbana

This is what sunglasses would most possibly look like in the early 17th century when the highly extravagant Baroque art style is at its pinnacle, combining majestic colours with eccentricity and classicism.

It’s all about seeing the contrast, movement, exuberant detail, grandeur and surprise to achieve a sense of awe, such as this large sensual mask lens, entirely screen-printed with a gunmetal-coloured damask pattern, and embellished with a delicate Baroque lace frame.

Size matters

5. Ray-Ban

The bold and sculptural rigour has joined the game of proportion play, showcasing monumental dimensions that are architecturally clean and precise. Evidently, Ray-Ban’s 80s legend comes back into view with an oversized, squared Wing mono-lens and full transparent gradient shades.

Its wide frames cover up the face and the entire of our peripheral vision, while unique mirror gradient lenses stamped with the iconic Wings logo make sure we will always soar above the rest.

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