Skincare inspired by nature

04 Mar 2020 / 10:37 H.

A NEW beauty brand from Japan, Wahadabisen, has hit the shelves in Malaysia with its affordably-priced Japan-made skincare.

Founded in 2018, Wahadabisen’s skincare products are inspired by Japan’s natural resource of botanical herbs. Wahadabisen created multiple ranges of skincare products to cater to the different skin concerns that we have.

The star product of the brand is the Japanese herbal face pack, which comes in three types – Amasake, for brightening the skin; Yomogi, to heal and rejuvenate; and Hatomugi, for consumers who want to keep their skin moisturised and firm.

These masks are to be applied for 5-10 minutes before washing off with warm water.

Wahadabisen prefers to keep its skincare steps as simple as possible. The brand recommends for consumers to cleanse, apply their mask, and finish their skincare regime off with a lotion.

Hatomugi, known as the Hokkaido Adlay, is derived from fermented rice found in Kyoto. This range is tailored for normal to oily skin.

The Amasake range is a unique combination of Sake Lees extract from the Kotobuki Sake Brewery and yoghurt filtrate, and is created especially for normal to dry skin.

Last but not least is miso, also known as fermented soybean, which is incorporated into the third range of the Wahadabisen skincare line.

Hydroxylated isoflavone is also formulated in the mixture because it helps to restore skin’s radiance, while reducing the effects of aging.

The Wahadabisen skincare line can be found exclusively at any Aeon Wellness stores nationwide.

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