Smell good, feel good

10 Jul 2019 / 11:29 H.

STARTING the day with great smell and staying fresh throughout the day is important for all men as they face the challenges and activities of the day with confidence. Therefore, using a perfume body spray to smell great and a deodorant body spray to stay fresh and combat body odour is a must for men.

However, using two products to keep them smelling great and fresh can be a challenge.

Being a market leader in the men toiletries market, Dashing fully understands the needs of men and to provide an ultimate solution, and the brand has just launched the Dashing Deo + Perfume Body Spray!

This newly launched product combines both benefits of a deodorant and perfume into one!

Formulated with Dashing Eau De Toilette’s fragrance, it provides a long-lasting masculine fragrance to ensure that one smells great throughout the day.

With its anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties, this new Deo + Perfume effectively provides 24-hour protection against body odour. Priced at RM12.20 (120ml), it comes in four different variants - Hattrick, Ultimate Kick, Speed and Hitman.

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