Uniqlo x Kenji Chai collaboration for UTme!

11 Nov 2019 / 10:39 H.

UNIQLO is partnering with local street artist Kenji Chai to develop illustrations for UTme! based off one of his most recognisable characters.

Chai is a familiar face in the Malaysian street art scene. His use of vibrant colours and clean lines, combined with elements of nature and positive energy, is representative of his trademark style.

Chai is also in the Malaysia Book of Records, for his 87.1 metre wall mural on the RED by Sirocco Hotel, which has been certified as the tallest mural in Malaysia.

Chai’s most famous marking is that of the charming canine named Chaigo, which can be seen in key locations around Malaysia.

The bright turquoise dog is inspired by strays who live on the streets, and who must tap into their animal instincts to survive the daily grind.

As can be seen in his depiction of Chaigo, Chai advocates for a positive gogetter attitude.

He describes art as his form of meditation, saying: “I live to paint, not paint to live”.

Chaigo has been running the streets all over the globe, and has even been made to a figurine. Now, the beloved blue dog will be depicted in a sticker collection for Uniqlo.

The Kenji Chai sticker series will feature Chaigo’s most famous design, as well as his paws in different gestures including holding a spray can, forming the love sign, and grasping a sharpie for illustrations.

The stickers also feature his favourite items – a steaming cup of teh tarik and spray paint can.

Ten of the specially designed stickers will be available for printing for UTme! exclusively at Uniqlo Fahrenheit 88.

Customers can use the Uniqlo app on the tablets available instore to design their very own UTme! t-shirt or tote bag.

Users can customise their UTme! organic cotton shirts or tote bags with a selection of typography, painting, and their choice from the range of stickers.

Once customers have finalised their design and submitted it for printing, they can get the finished product in as little as 15 minutes.

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