Waste not, want not

19 Aug 2019 / 14:30 H.

HOW we apply skincare products is equally important as choosing the right products. The eternal debate of if we should apply facial toner with just our hands or with cotton pads continues, while there are mixed opinions of the beauty predicament, many still prefer patting down the skin with a toner-soaked cotton pad.

But is it wasteful? Well, not if you’re using the critically-acclaimed No.1 Japan facial cotton brand - Silcot, under Unicharm Corporation.

According to a research by Unicharm, applying facial toner with a cotton pad is significantly more effective for the toner to penetrate deep into the skin than using the hands.

With its newly launched, incredibly soft toner saving cotton pad, the Organic Uru-Uru uses 50% less toner to purposefully remove makeup, apply toner or as a face pack with just a single sheet.

In order to simplify skin routine, Silcot has also added the Japanese panted perforation technology in its Organic Uru-Uru cotton pad sheet so that it could be easily torn into two individual pieces to fit perfectly under the eyes with its curved shape.

Fun-fact: Silcot Organic Uru-Uru has passed the international standard of “Oeko-Text Standard 100” rank 1 (infant toiletry), so it is confirmed safe to use for even babies.

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