Look beautiful and feel fabulous while embarking on your nine-month pregnancy journey

Being stylish does not have to stop when you get pregnant. In fact, you should try to explore flexible, versatile pieces in order to stay stylish and comfortable as your baby bump starts to grow.

Here we give you some tips on how to choose the right clothes throughout your nine-month journey!

Shopping for maternity dresses is a whole new experience for new mothers. You will never know how small or big your baby belly will grow, so it’s safe to pick a few pieces first, and buy the rest along the way.

You should have at least one maternity dress on-hand during your pregnancy. Pick one that flatters the contour of your growing body, and there are a wide range of dresses – maxi, midi, and mini – that look stylish enough that you probably want to wear them post-childbirth. All you will need to do is to add a belt when you wear the dress later on.

So, embrace a new phase in life by wearing fashionable maternity wear with short sleeves, straps, sleeveless, puffy, or pleated sleeves, a round or V neckline, and a short or long dress that will give you a chic look.

There is also maternity evening wear that suits special occasions. Some women prefer body-fitting fabrics that show off all the curves, but it all depends on how comfortable they are for you.

$!Tiered dresses can flatter your curves.

When you are pregnant, you don’t want to get hot and all sweaty under our warm weather.

So, pick a light, soft or breathable fabric and one that flatters your new body shape, and yet feels smooth on the skin, like cotton.

Shift dresses made with jersey fabrics can work well with different shapes and sizes and look stylish. It’s also an ideal outfit for social events, or even to the office.

If not, try wearing long or short flowy chiffon dresses or tiered dresses with light fabric, which are a good option during your first trimester and perhaps, up until the last trimester, depending on your changing body shape.

Pants with a stretchable feature or an elastic waist can accommodate a growing baby bump for the next few months. Maternity leggings, for example, are easy to wear and match with long tops, and then there is the jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit, whether it’s a loungewear type or high-end, luxurious, or tailored, looks cute on a pregnant woman. However, a very tight jumpsuit is hard when going to bathroom as it is basically a one-piece outfit.

$!Consider wearing comfortable shoes during pregnancy, with some foot support.

So, try to be fashionable yet effortless with the right apparel. Find jumpsuits with buttons or zips in the front that are easy to remove and put on, perhaps this could help. Jumpsuits made of stretchable materials are light and easy to wear, as well.

A simple and practical alternative to dressing up is to wear basic tops, shirts, and blouses. A top or blouse with a loose waistline is designed to accommodate extra space, and be flexible. Versatile or layered tops are easy to match with skirts or pants.

Buy a long and short cardigan or blazer, but make sure the fabric is light with some pattern, or in plain colours, depending on your taste; this will even be appropriate to wear in the office. You can wear this with something casual underneath: a T-shirt or just a plain top.

A button-down shirt with a lightweight, comfy, and minimal design that does not restrict movements is good to match with the right accessories.

Speaking of accessories, you don’t need to spend money on new ones. However, you might probably want to add a long scarf, or a light jacket to your wardrobe for colder days.

$!Maternity wear for working mums doesn’t have to be shapeless or boring.

Most importantly, invest in undergarments that are made specifically for pregnant women, and a few sets of nursing bras after childbirth. Plus, purchase belly support shorts, if needed.

Finally, make sure tou have comfortable footwear. High heels or stilettos may be fashionable, but during this special time, its better to focus on comfort.

Wear a pump, wedges, flat shoes, or even pregnancy sneakers that can support your weight as well as that of your child.

Your shoes should provide support and having a soft sole that is good for feet, as some may experience swollen legs.

If you just can’t let go of the concept of high heels, consider keeping some comfortable flats nearby to change into should you feel the need.

Now that you have all the tips, good luck on your pregnancy journey!