Flowers that can colour up your life’s prospects

14 Feb 2019 / 12:22 H.


FLOWERS hold a great significance in many cultures and traditions, as they play an important part in love, life and even death. They also evoke feelings of beauty and grace.

In feng shui, flowers are said to bring in good luck, blessings, beauty, grace and abundant positive qi into a home, which can then transform the energy of a space, and make it more vibrant.

Flowers blooming perennially is a sign of good luck manifesting in the home; hence, having such flowering plants are considered highly potent.

Real flowers are said to be more potent when compared to artificial ones, as they bring in a strong healing energy. Still, artificial silk flowers and paintings with floral motifs are also used as decor in feng shui.

In the science of feng shui, there are certain flowers which hold a special meaning, and are thus of great importance.

It is said that just having these types of flowers in a home can enhance the energy in all the four seasons.

Her are four such flowers:

-> Lotus flower

This flower symbolises purity and true love. It is also a sign of wealth and prosperity.

When lotus flowers bloom in the garden, it implies that love, peace and harmony will blossom in the lives of the occupants of the home.

The lotus also represents perfection and dedication. Hence, most often in many religions, this flower is used as an offering.

-> Peonies

This flower is very special in feng shui and represents romance, love and relationship.

It is said to ignite passion and great love, hence, having peonies in the home brings in romantic energy into the house and lives of the occupants.

Even displaying images of peony flowers or using silk peony flowers is said to be equally potent.

-> Chrysanthemum

This flower is considered a harbinger of wealth and happiness, especially the yellow ones. The colour yellow can balance emotions, and draw focus to the wealth aspects in the lives of the people.

Chrysanthemum have special significance during the Chinese lunar new year as they are used to decorate the foyer to invite prosperity and wealth into the house.

-> Orchid

This flower is said to enhance career success and usher in new opportunities. The purple orchids, which signify the Metal element, are especially good enhancers when placed or grown in the North and Northwest sectors of the home.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, bioenergetician and traditional vaastu practitioner. Readers can contact him at

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