It’s the blueberry season!

14 Aug 2020 / 09:10 H.

The US Highbush Blueberry Council recently launched the ‘Your Berry Best Friend’ campaign for the year 2020 to celebrate the season of these tiny yet mighty sweet fruits.

There is nothing quite like biting into juicy little blueberries and feeling your mouth pop with a burst of flavours!

And it’s no wonder, as tangy and sweet blueberries are delicious, nutritious, versatile, taste good and retains nutrients whether they are served fresh, frozen or dried.

The antioxidant-rich blue dynamo is a boon for boosting heart health, preventing cancer and boosting immunity, giving it a much-deserved reputation as a superfood.

Malaysian celebrity chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob recently shared insights on blueberries at a blueberry-themed tea party held at TCH Foodworks.

He showed guests how to incorporate them into all types of dishes, before masterfully crafting a delectable tea time favourite – buttery and flaky blueberry Thyme scones, using Highbush blueberries.

“Blueberries are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fibre and a tangy flavour that comes to life in our recipe for a summery blueberry crisp, be it sweet or savoury, and that’s what I love about blueberries,” said Fazley, who owns the SukaSucre Bistro and Minang Tapau restaurant brands.

“They are delightfully versatile.”

Fazley wowed the crowd with his signature deconstructed Eton Mess, infused with scrumptious fresh blueberries, and drizzled with tart, frozen blueberry puree.

“Whether served in sweet, savoury, citrusy or spicy dishes, blueberries are a great accompaniment. I often incorporate these little gems in my family’s dishes due to their health properties and versatility, from breakfast treats to smoothies, or on-the-go snacks and desserts. Take your own dishes to the next level with blueberries,” added Fazley.

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