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12 Jul 2019 / 15:27 H.

THE Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) Fightback event on July 6 was all about taking the Feral Alliance team down a peg, but Gotham, Serigala, Furious Faizal, and Harry Ray were not going to roll over so easily.

Little did we know what a historic night it would turn out to be.

The event started with AJ Pyro calling out Serigala for failing to guard the MyPW house and joining the Feral Alliance.

The show of sheer power and athleticism between Serigala and AJ Pyro literally broke the wrestling ring as slam after slam caused the ropes of the ring to loosen. Sadly, in the end, AJ Pyro fell at the hands of Serigala.

There was no time to fix the ring, as the next fight was about to begin, the first ‘I Quit’ match in MyPW history between the former mentor-and-apprentice pair of Double K and JY Eagle. The rules are simple – the first to make his opponent say: “I Quit”, wins.

Despite being the heel (villain) of the fight, Double K’s charisma and ‘Penyodok’, his signature dustpan weapon, won over the crowd.

It was a brutal match, in which both beat each other up using such things as plastic sticks and Double K had a piece of paper stapled to his face.

In the end, JY Eagle forced Double K to submit and quit.

An intermission was called to fix the damaged ring ropes, and the event continued with some tag team action between Dash and E-Boy versus Christopher Shaw and Robin Heart.

The action was cut short when Serigala crashed the match, making quick work of all four wrestlers as he literally threw them out of the ring.

He then proceeded to call for one of the most anticipated matches of the night – the five-way Pentagon Pandemonium for the MyPW Wrestlecon Championship belt.

Names were drawn to see who would face current belt holder Gotham, the Malaysian Mafia.

Cornelius Low and Phoenix Nor Diana were in the first two slots and, thanks to meddling by the Feral Alliance, the names of two of their own, Harry Ray and Furious Faizal, were drawn.

However, in a shocking turn, the latter never appeared – instead, out came The Prophet of Pain, Shaukat.

The ring ropes buckled under the chaos and finally gave up midway. But it did not stop the action.

Shaukat and Gotham dominated with their sheer brute force, Phoenix and Harry Ray capitalised on their speed, but it was Low’s quick thinking that won over the audience.

In the final moments of the match, Shaukat, in a burst of rage, slammed Harry Ray to the mat in the middle of the ring.

However, instead of pinning Harry Ray for the win, Shaukat gave the honour to Malaysia’s (and probably the world’s) first hijabi wrestler Phoenix, making her the first-ever female MyPW Wrestlecon champion.

The MyPW organisation team once again rushed to fix the ring ropes for Fightback’s final two scheduled matches – a tag-team match and the night’s main event.

The tag-team match was between Mad Game (comprising Mad Scholar and ‘The Glitch’ Tony Abel) and Orion Black with his partner Remus from Grapple MAX, Singapore.

The synergy and charisma of Mad Game, undisputedly the most entertaining duo at MyPW, are tough to beat. In the end, internal disputes between Orion Black and Remus led these two to their defeat.

Finally, it was time for the dream match between Emman ‘The Kid’ – making his comeback this year after a hiatus to pursue his studies in Australia – and ‘Sniper of the Skies’ Robbie Eagles, from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

The match between the two left many speechless. Each matched the other’s moves beat by beat, favouring high-risk aerial manoeuvres and gobsmacking strikes.

Ultimately, Eagles won the match after performing his finisher move, the Warp 4.5, onto Emman’s injured leg and putting The Kid into a submission lock.

MyPW Fightback ended with a speech from Eagles thanking his Malaysian fans for the gracious welcome on his first-ever visit to the country and vowing to return to MyPW, this time, with his friends from Australia.

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