How to have a holiday without breaking the bank

02 Apr 2019 / 10:17 H.

WITH a little perspective and some handy tips, planning a budgeted trip without having to break the bank is doable.

Here are Traveloka’s top five tips to get you started:

Mind your money

Keep an eye on exchange rates prior to your trip and grab good rates to avoid having to face unnecessary transaction fees at foreign ATMs or finding a credible ATM machine.

Set up Price Alerts with travel companions such as Traveloka to enable you to receive first-hand discounts on your preferred destinations, airlines and accommodations that are tailored to your budget.

Sign up with frequent flyer programmes to gain mileage points! Check with your airline to see what you’re entitled too with the mileage earned.

Timing is everything

Travelling off-season is worthwhile as hot spots will be less in demand, bringing prices down significantly!

Planning at the 11th hour may sometimes unlock the door (and luck) to many last-minute promos and discounts.

It’s also good to familiarise yourself with the local community calendar to leverage on free events or festivals that may be happening during your visit.

Not only is this easy on your wallet, you’ll be deeply immersed in the local culture, gaining priceless experiences direct from the locals themselves.

When selecting flights, opt for flights that take-off midweek instead of weekends; flights on major holidays (not during or after!); or overnight flights as you save on spending an extra night on a place to stay.

Be travel savvy

Opt for public transit instead of taxis, or better still, rent a bicycle. If available, get a multi-pass that allows you to visit a multitude of locations.

If you’re looking for a full-day tour, check with the hotel concierge for local driver recommendations who will offer reasonable and comprehensive packages that would usually include several tourist spots and eating stops.

Download an app map or a transportation app such as Grab or Uber to get around to prevent being cheated by local taxis.

Dine considerately

When selecting an accommodation, leverage on those that offer free breakfast to lessen the burden of having to find one.

Try to pack at least two meals a day by visiting the local grocery store. You might even stumble across some local treasures during your visit!

Save lunch as the dine-out meal to skip the crowd while also embracing the cheaper meal option as portions are generally smaller then.

Little things do add up

Choose against getting a local mobile plan. WiFi has become a common feature in many local stores rendering connectivity easy and accessible.

We all need water. So, bring your own re-usable water bottles on your trip to avoid having to purchase bottles of water.

Boil water in your room or ask the hotel’s restaurant to help fill your bottles before starting your day!

Pack your own basic medical kit: band aids, Panadol, charcoal pills (for the upset stomach), flu pills, etc, to avoid having to search and purchase locally.

Armed with these tips, you can now pick your dream holiday and get the best value for your money.

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