Taking the pressure off cooking

22 Jan 2019 / 11:52 H.

    THE reason that most of us cook at home is to eat simple and healthier. But the time spent cooking is one of the factors that hold most of us back from doing it.

    Fret no more, as Khind has a quick solution. Its latest electric pressure cooker cuts cooking time short, so that meals are ready in a jiffy.

    It only takes 20 minutes to an hour to cook tendon or meat with the electric pressure cooker.

    And it is also easy to use – just place the ingredients in the pot, set the function and time required, and let the cooker do the rest.

    The Khind Electric Pressure Cooker is a three-in-one cooker that can pressure cook, multi cook and slow cook.

    This six-litre electric pressure cooker comes with a three-ply ceramic coated inner pot for maximum heat distribution and food safety.

    It has another free durable stainless steel pot, which is useful when you need to cook two dishes simultaneously.

    The cooker set comes with a stainless steel fry basket, a steaming plate and a recipe book for simple and healthy cooking.

    The Khind Electric Pressure Cooker is equipped with a digital display with touch sensor control programmable menus, as well as an intelligent microcomputer for multiple cooking stages.

    There is a preset function for delayed cooking, and an adjustable time function to suit your specific cooking time requirements.

    It also comes with a one-touch button for the safe release of pressure.

    This is to prevent our hands from potentially being scalded as pressure is released using the button, instead of through the pressure valve.

    As for the lid, it has a high-quality silicon seal ring to fully seal in the pressure.

    The steam lid is also detachable for easy cleaning.

    The Khind Electric Pressure Cooker is available at major retail outlets, or online at www.khindonline.com. The product comes with a one-year warranty.

    For more, visit www.khind.com.my or call 03-7839 2001 (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor), 04-537 2803 (Penang), 05-541 7520 (Perak), 06-281 5717 (Malacca), 07-355 8991 (Johor), 09-568 9711 (Pahang) or 09-744 8900 (Kelantan).

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