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25 Nov 2019 / 13:52 H.

HOLIDAYS don’t need to cost a bomb, and a trip to any of Vietnam’s newer travel destinations will prove just that.

Here’s how you can get the most out of your trip to Vietnam, without breaking the bank.

Can Tho – Embrace the riverside city

The quaint city of Can Tho in southern Vietnam is famous for its riverside life and seafood.

By staying in affordable hostel rooms near the river for as low as RM44, visitors are never too far from the good food at the scenic Ninh Kieu Wharf.

The lobster and crab noodles (bun rieu) at Cai Rang Floating Market cost only RM6. These delicious noodles can be paired with a refreshing cup of Vietnamese iced coffee for an extra RM10.

For some spice, excite your taste buds by trying the local favourite known as the grilled pepper snails (oc nuong tieu) for only RM9.

Other than exploring the heritage sites, visitors should go on an adventure by visiting the four special islets around Can Tho.

The islands which are named Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix and Turtle Island can be reached via a river boat tour.

Visitors get to interact with locals wearing the traditional Ao Ba Ba, and visit a monastery of coconut monks.

Most attractions in Can Tho are within walking distance but there are also affordable motorbike rentals for RM75.

Come evening, shopaholics can look for reasonably priced clothes and trinkets in the Tay Do Night Market while enjoying lively street performances.

Diep Son Island in Nha Trang.
Diep Son Island in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang – Unforgettable family getaway

The fun begins from the moment you arrive in Nha Trang. From famous seaside resorts to exciting attractions, it’s a fabulous place for a one-stop family vacation.

A double room along the famous Nha Trang beach is a steal for about RM75. To get around, bus rides are less than RM2 while motorcycle rentals cost less than RM22 per day.

Families should definitely spend the day at Vinpearl Land, dubbed as the Disneyland of Vietnam. Tickets are about RM90 for adults and RM72 for children.

The price may seem steep, but the ride to the theme park high up in the air on the world’s longest oversea cable car overlooking the turquoise sea makes it worthwhile.

The magic of Nha Trang doesn’t stop there, as you get a chance to walk on water from one island to another. Exploring the three islands of Diep Son is easy because the islands are connected by sandbars.

The paths may be submerged slightly during the tide, but it’s low enough for visitors to go on a relaxing stroll and feel the waves tickle their toes.

After exploring the islands, families can wind down and pamper themselves with a mud bath at Thap Ba Mud Bath. At only RM18, you get a big tub to share with family and friends.

An exciting dining experience can be found at the Rainforest Cafe, which resembles a chic treehouse with vine creepers, hanging plants and twinkling lights.

The cafe offers an exciting dining experience with western fare such as spaghetti, to local Vietnamese spring rolls.

Best of all, eating here doesn’t hurt the pocket and you’ll leave with lots of Instagram-worthy pictures.

Families should definitely dine on seafood when they can. Seafood such as giant prawns, squids and crabs at eateries can be barbecued, fried, steamed or prepared in a hot pot.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never get bored of your dining choices at Nha Trang.

Choun choun sky bar view in Phu Quoc.
Choun choun sky bar view in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc – A scenic seaside island

The golden sands and sparkling waters of Long Beach in Phu Quoc are hypnotic, drawing sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

It’s no wonder that most visitors want to stay as close as possible to this particular stretch of beach. There are several sophisticated budget stays nearby, with rooms costing less than RM200 and beach side massages for less than RM20.

Getting around by bus is affordable too, at less than RM6.

To get the best views, visitors should head to Choun Choun Bistro & Sky Bar. With a magnificent view of the city’s mountainous landscape and the glittering sea, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting to finish your drink.

Another lively place to explore at night is the Dinh Cau Night Market. The market is bursting with lots of local food, clothes and souvenirs.

For less than RM40, visitors can get a good meal and sample popular local street snacks such as steamed squid with fermented fish sauce, flower crab with rice noodles and deep-fried shrimps before leaving the market.

For the ultimate beach holiday, hop on the longest nonstop three-way cable car in the world to Hon Thom (Pineapple Island).

The breathtaking view of the surrounding islands and turquoise waters from above will make you never want to leave the cable car.

Once at Pineapple Island, visitors get to enjoy a laid back day by the seaside. With such clear waters, snorkelling with fishes around Pineapple Island is a dream come true.

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