Top cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve

18 Dec 2019 / 13:26 H.

LAS VEGAS has edged out New York as the most popular New Year’s Eve destination in North America, according to digital travel platform

The most popular destinations for New Year’s Eve revelers in Europe, meanwhile, is Paris, and for Asia, it’s Tokyo.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Thailand has emerged as the most popular country destination, with Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya also featuring in the ranking.

In Europe, Milan was the top climber this year, with its free public celebrations, fireworks displays and buzzing nightlife.

Rankings are based on booking data at

The ranking of overall most popular destinations of 2019 is similar to the New Year’s Eve destinations with the exception of Asia-Pacific, where Bangkok outranks Tokyo as the top city destination of 2019.

Here are the most popular destinations for celebrating New Year’s Eve this year:

Top cities in Europe:

1. Paris

2. London

3. Rome

4. Barcelona

5. Amsterdam


1. Tokyo

2. Taipei

3. Bangkok

4. Osaka

5. Seoul

North America:

1. Las Vegas

2. New York

3. Los Angeles

4. Honolulu

5. San Francisco - AFP

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