17-year-old Malaysian student asked to pay RM1 million for calling out teacher’s rape jokes

The world is still not doing its best when it comes to protecting women and children. Malaysian student Ain Husniza went viral for calling out her teacher for making disgusting rape jokes in class in April 2021.

However, she was served a letter of demand for ‘defamatory statements’ instead of being given support and safety.

In a tweet she posted on August 4, 2021, she wrote, “Hi. Today, I suddenly received a letter of demand for 'defamatory statements'. In this letter, I've been given seven days to address these demands, including paying RM1,000,000 in compensation.”

“All I ask is all of you pray to make things easier for me. :’) #MakeSchoolASaferPlace.”

Netizens have advised her to seek a lawyer for help regarding this matter.

“1. Engage the services of a lawyer. Fees to defend defamation cases usually run in mid 5 figures. 2. Take care, stay safe, and get support from the right folks if needed. It's horrible for adults to shut down dissent instead of addressing the issues of safe spaces for children,” wrote @ladymissazira.

“Get a good lawyer. Crowdfund – many will help inshaAllah,” Fahmi Fadzil wrote.

“Wah why do the adults have no shame but issued summons against a student like you? Seriously?” @AlvidaStar tweeted in reply.

Malaysian author Hanna Alkaf also chimed in, “This is absolutely unacceptable. Please let us know your progress; if you need help crowdfund for legal fees and we will help you. Stay strong dik <3”

“A high school girl is now living in fear when her post regarding the rape threat from her male classmates went viral. These adults, instead of taking the actions to make schools a much safer ground, now chose to sue her back? We're with you, so update if you need help @ant33ater,” wrote @stayathometira.

Hopefully Ain Husniza will receive help soon. More needs to be done to help keep students safe in school too.