SMALL gestures of kindness can have a big impact on others. This was true in the case of 7-Eleven employee Md Alamin Hossain, whose friendly nature and kind gestures were noticed and earned him praise from netizens.

A customer, Shafiqah Othman had been observing the efforts of the 7-Eleven Bukit Jelutong staff member, and took to Twitter to praise him.

She shared a post that read: “Hi@7evelenmalaysia, there is an employee in 7-Eleven, Bukit Jelutong (the one at Jalan Bazar) that is just A+. I forgot to ask the name, but I went there just now and told him that his cheerful personality makes me happy every time I visit. I hope you give him a big bonus!”

$!A screenshot of Shafiqah’s tweet, which went viral.

She went on to describe an incident she witnessed while she was lining up to pay. She saw Alamin helping a foreigner with a prepaid mobile app, and said that the interaction brought a smile to her face.

She added that a small conversation with him was enough to put her in a good mood for the rest of the day.

She wrote: “Very rarely do I enter a shop and leave with such a big smile on my face. But I manage to do that without fail just with his friendly service alone.

“So @7elevenmalaysia, I hope you manage to identify this employee and give him the bonus that I believe he deserves very much!”

$!Alamin receiving his certificate from 7-Eleven management. – 7-Eleven Facebook

The post by Shafiqah and subsequent positive response from the netizens on social media did not go unnoticed by 7-Eleven, who tracked Alamin down and even sent top management to acknowledge and congratulate him.

Alamin, a Bangladesh national who has been working with 7-Eleven since Aug 2020 was also awarded the “7-Hero Recognition” certificate for his excellent work performance, dedication, and service to the company.

The certificate, which is given to ‘ordinary’ 7-Eleven employees doing extraordinary things, was signed by Co-CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia, Wong Wai Keong and Tan I-Ming.