A mother’s viral birthday surprise amused many netizens

A son’s amazing birthday surprise for his mother quickly turned comical. According to Info Awam, Talib Zamri was excited to present his mum her birthday gift.

The gift was in a form of a flower bouquet and a clear balloon sits right in the middle of it. The balloon started to rise higher and higher into the air the moment she untied the ribbon, and revealed a string of purple ringgit notes attached to the end of the balloon.

However, her delight turned into disappointment because no one thought to grab hold of the balloon and the money before it all flew away in the sky!

The rest of the party looked bewildered and unsure how to react to the situation. “Why didn’t you glue it?” his mum said as she watched the money fly away.

Unknown to her, the surprise had just started. They asked her to pull out a stem of flower from the bouquet. When she pulled out the flower, a string of real money (all RM50 notes) followed suit and revealed the first con they pulled on her!

Regardless, their mum was still fixated on the ‘lost’ money and complained to her husband. The comical turn of events went viral on Tiktok to netizens’ amusement.

A netizen commented, “The money that flew away must be fake money. You tried to surprise your mum with that right?”

Talib Zamri jokingly responded, “Your guess is the most accurate.”

While the video was entertaining to watch, we pity the next person who manages to find the fake money once the balloon deflates.