Ahgases demand better treatment for GOT7 with protest truck

07 Jul 2020 / 21:10 H.

Kpop stars may look like they have life figured out but life in the entertainment industry has its dark sides as well.

The latest Kpop fanbase to protest for the rights of their idols are the Ahgases, fans of the band GOT7.

It seems that GOT7 members have been mistreated by extreme fans and JYP for years. Ahgases had mass emailed JYP Entertainment for years to demand better treatment for their idols but to no avail.

Alas, enough is enough. Ahgases sent a truck to circle the JYP Entertainment building to demand the label to treat members of GOT7 better.

According to All K Pop, the hashtag #FairTreatmentForGot7 trended #1 worldwide and in 20 countries with almost 1 million tweets. It’s safe to say, Ahgases are fuming!

GOT7 has been under Division 2 of JYP Entertainment since 2015. Division 2 is responsible for the promotion, distribution and comeback concepts of the group which fans said they have done a mighty poor job when compared to their handling of other JYP artists.

Image from @L_nini2/ Twitter
Image from @L_nini2/ Twitter

According to All K Pop, the other mistreatments GOT7 had to put up with are as follows:

1. GOT7 members aren’t protected from sasaengs

Sasaengs are obsessive fans who stalk their idols and their fanaticism often pose a danger to the idols. Band members Bambam, Mark and Jackson had their addresses leaked which forced them to move houses.

Jackson also had a minor accident due to sasaengs as well. It has gotten so bad that Youngjae constantly posts on his Instagram account to plead sasaengs to stop following him.

2. Poor tour promotions and booking for public appearances

Most of the band promotions happened thanks to Ahgases themselves. The fans were the ones who contacted Dingo, Knowing Bros and Good Day New York for GOT7 to be invited.

Ahgases even paid Youtube and Billboard Ads during comebacks and spent money on posters to promote Keep Spinning Tour in America. It’s also stated that the company failed to promote GOT7’s individual activities on time if none at all.

The founder of JYP, Park Jin-young refused to book GOT7 for variety shows too because apparently they are ‘not funny enough.’ GOT7 members have expressed the desire to go on variety shows because they enjoy it and can express their bright and funny side.

3. JYP Entertainment failed to include GOT7 albums to be sold at Target, Amazon and Walmart.

4. JYP Entertainment continued to give short notices for album pre-orders and 2 short weeks for album promotions.

5. JYP Entertainment failed to give GOT7 full freedom to produce their own songs.

GOT7 members got criticised for their singing and dancing skills, and even for writing their own songs because the songs were ‘not their colour.’ Park would only listen to half a verse before rejecting the songs.

Ahgases believe that the utter mismanagement and mistreatment of GOT7 by JYP Entertainment has capped the group’s fullest potential.

It’s also such a shame because GOT7 members are multinational and would be able to connect with their international fans better without language barriers.

While JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Yugyeom are Koreans, Mark is a Chinese-American of Taiwanese descent, Bambam is from Thailand and Jackson is from Hong Kong.

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