Balenciaga elevated a cheap bag once again

Balenciaga has done it again! Way back in 2017, Balenciaga released its blue colour tote bag which closely resembled Ikea’s Frakta shopper tote bag.

The fashion house also released its Balenciaga Bazar Shopper XL Bag which looks exactly like the colourful ‘beg guni.’

$!The Balenciaga Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag and Bazar Shopper XL Bag. Image from Balenciaga

This time, Balenciaga’s latest tote truly looks like a laundry bag some of us have used during university days.

Perhaps this Balenciaga bag allows the rich people to carry laundry in style now.

$!Image from Matches Fashion

The Balenciaga Barbes checked woven-leather tote bag on Matches Fashion site retails at RM6,115!

Are you willing to spend that much for yourself?

A Twitter user @yourgirlgift2 shared two photos of models showing off the tote bag and asked for everyone’s thoughts.

“Lmaooo I can get one for less than $1 at the marketplace wtf is this?” a user wrote.

“Nigerians have been using this bag for decades and it sells for less than $2.5 a piece. Seems I’ve to start shipping them to US to make a kill,” someone else tweeted.

“It is called ‘Ghana must go’ in my country and it goes for N350 which is less than a dollar,” a user shared.

“In 90’s in Ukraine people also used such type of bag, it even had a special name “Kravchuchka” (Kravchuk – first president of Ukraine),” another user responded.

What do you think of the bag?