BLACKPINK’s How You Like That means a lot to them

29 Jun 2020 / 13:05 H.

BLACKPINK’s new song has topped several charts and fellow BLINKs and new listeners seem to like it a lot.

BLACKPINK’s performance of How You Like That on Jimmy Fallons’ The Tonight Show: At Home Edition drew over 20 million views and is the second trending video on Youtube.

Their official music video for the same song on Youtube hit 100 million views!

The song also ranked 2nd on Spotify’s top 50 chart, making it the highest-ranking song of any Kpop artist in the history of Spotify. Even BTS only held the 3rd spot record.

All this means a lot for BLACKPINK because it’s part of the group’s comeback repertoire. It’s also because the song holds a huge meaning for them.

The members of BLACKPINK said they felt a deeper sense of responsibility when they released How You Like That.

"This may sound too lofty but we want to send out a positive and hopeful message through the new song," main singer Jisoo said in a press conference.

"We tried to sing with the confidence and strength to stand up and not relent in the face of difficult situations."

"We tried to include powerful hip hop elements without losing our distinct color. The song begins with strong orchestral sounds but also has a twist in the end," Jisoo added.

Group member Rose has said that they felt that have the responsibility to spread positive messages as celebrities.

"We think a lot about our responsibility in spreading positive influence. To the people who love our music and root for us, I want to tell them to love yourselves and always be confident," she said.

BLACKPINK’s How You Like That means a lot to them

Another member Jennie also shared that Lady Gaga loved their uniqueness and was their fan. Both BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga collaborated on the song titled Sour Candy which topped 57 Apple iTunes Song charts upon release last month.

"We spoke with Lady Gaga over the phone in the beginning. It was such an honor for her to tell us that she loved our uniqueness and color and was our fan," Jennie said.

"She was an artist who we respected and adored even before we debuted. It was an unbelievable situation. We had fun and were happy for the great work."

"The very act of collaboration influences one another positively. We can present new aspects through musical exchanges. It's a good opportunity to stimulate one another and create inspirations,” Jisoo added.

These women are continuing to collect and gain views on Youtube with their other popular song DDu-Du DDu-Du reaching 1.2 billion views.

$!BLACKPINK’s How You Like That means a lot to them

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