BTS fans brought the Raya cheer by editing traditional attire on idols

27 May 2020 / 10:44 H.

While there were people lamenting that their Ramadan and Hari Raya celebrations have been dampened by the movement control order, Kpop fans online have taken a whole new way of brightening the celebration for themselves and others.

Since early May, a Twitter user by the handle @Berjimin photoshopped her favourite Kpop stars in Malay traditional attire aka the Baju Melayu with the hashtag #RayaWithBangtan.

According to, her Twitter thread gained nearly 500 retweets and more than a thousand likes. This spurred even more Twitter users to share their creations online too.

Following the hashtag #BringTheEidON and #RayaWithBangtan revealed plenty of edited images showing the band members of BTS donning traditional Malay outfits.

BTS is still one of the most popular Kpop bands internationally. Even 7-Eleven convenience stores in Malaysia jumped in on the trend and launched bottled coffees printed with images of BTS group members.

Check out the creative designs on Twitter below.

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