BTS fans protest outside Big Hit Entertainment with a truck

03 Jul 2020 / 15:27 H.

Kpop fandoms are known for their protective love for their idols. Some of these passionate have gone as far to charter a truck to protest outside Big Hit Entertainment.

On June 29, Big Hit Entertainment posted an update on Weverse about the legal proceedings against netizens for spreading malicious information about BTS online.

According to the statement on Weverse, these hateful information varies from ‘ill-intentioned criticisms, the spread of groundless information, sexual harassment, personal attacks, and defamation.’

Big Hit Entertainment stated that some of these hateful individuals have been fined or have settled through legal means.

Despite this, some members of the BTS ARMY were angered by Big Hit Entertainment’s slow response in handling malicious commenters.

The chartered truck was parked outside the agency’s building and show slides with lines demonstrating the fury of fans.

Some of these lines read:

- Have you tried to understand fans and tried to communicate with fans????

- Who have you communicated with?

- We are demanding quick feedback and the release of detailed disclosure of the process and results of the charges.

- Incompetent Big Hit protect your artists. Allow the third round of charges.

According to All K Pop, the fans claimed that these online haters are still active and have not faced legal action despite numerous reports and appeals by fans.

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