BTS Law passed in South Korea allows Kpop stars to defer military enlistment

04 Dec 2020 / 00:31 H.

The oldest member of the global Kpop group turns 28 on Friday and his birthday could have marked the end of his current Kpop star career.

This is because all able-bodied South Korean men are required to enlist in the military for about 20 months once they turn 28.

On Tuesday, South Korea’s Parliament gave BTS member Kim Seok-jin aka Jin an early birthday present.

South Korea’s National Assembly came to Jin’s rescue by passing a revision of the country’s Military Service Act. This revised law lets Kpop stars postpone their military service until they turn 30.

The revised law that’s now dubbed as the BTS Law lets Kpop entertainers who received government medals for helping spread or elevate the country’s cultural influence globally apply for deferment of their military service.

Fortunately for everyone, all seven members of BTS meet the requirement because they were all awarded the medal in 2018.

This means BTS members get to perform for a few more years before joining the military service.

“It’s a sacred duty to defend our country, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to carry a weapon,” Noh Woong-rae, a senior lawmaker in the governing​ Democratic Party ​said in a statement in support of special treatment for BTS.

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