CL creates history with Taco Bell commercial

23 Feb 2021 / 17:16 H.

This article first appeared in theSun Buzz edition HERE

Kpop star CL stamps her name in history books by being the first solo female Korean artist to star in an American television commercial for Taco Bell.

“As K-pop became more popular, there were many singers who starred in global commercials in Asia. However, CL is the first to star in an American TV commercial,” a source from CL’s agency shared.

In the commercial, CL appears as herself and donned a luxurious fur coat. After wrapping up her concert, she’s escorted outside by her bodyguards with cheering fans in the background.

The one-minute commercial for the fast-food chain also starred famous faces such as actor Noah Centineo, drag queen Onyx Black, TikTok star Nava Rose and professional BMXer Brad Simms.

CL has released her double single HWA and 5 STAR last year and will soon release an upcoming album titled ALPHA.

All of the good news is welcomed especially since CL lost her mother on February 10. Her mother, Hong Yoo Ra, who was living abroad at the time, passed away due to a heart attack at 53 years old.

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