Clip of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman whipping dummies in one take garners praise

23 Feb 2021 / 18:48 H.

Michelle Pfeiffer will always be the OG Catwoman and this recent video throwback certainly proves the point.

The actress portrayed the mad and sultry Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns.

In a clip shared on Twitter by Mikey Walsh, Pfeiffer can be seen whipping the heads of four mannequins before skipping away gleefully in ONE TAKE.

“Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman, whipping the heads off 4 Mannequins, & skipping away, all in one take.. cause you can’t defeat a bad b*tch,” Walsh wrote.

“I have never seen a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, where she doesn’t f*cking bring it, and yet, through her whole career, people always focused more on her looks. Even in interviews for Scarface and such, she was asked more about her diet than her craft,” he added.

The video was also shared by Netflix social media manager Jarett Wieselman, who wrote: “Reminder: Michelle Pfeiffer whipped the heads off those four mannequins IN ONE TAKE to thunderous applause from the Batman Returns crew!”

In a 1992 interview with Rolling Stone, Tim Burton said that Pfeiffer was “better than her stunt people. She made the whip beautiful, kind of an art form.”

To perfect her performance as the DC villain, she did extensive physical training including gymnastics, yoga and kickboxing.

She also learned how to use the whip under Anthony De Longis, who also trained Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones.

Pfeiffer is certainly still as lethal as Catwoman as can be seen when she dug out a whip and showed off her skills in an Instagram video back in 2019.

“Look what I found... needs a little TLC,” she wrote in the caption. In a later post with the video of her lashing with the whip, she wrote “Just like riding a bike.”

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